Expert Advice: How to Straighten Hair without Heat Overnight Naturally

Straightened hair appears beautiful and neat. It is a very reliable way to style your hair. It is easier to deal with especially if you are a person who likes simplicity, elegance, and class.

That’s brobably why you are wondering How to Straighten Hair without Heat Overnight Naturally. The complications that come along straightened hair emerge as a result of the following habits:

Using heat to straighten your hair

Before you get expert advice on how to straighten your hair without using heat, you should first be aware of the reasons why you should avoid using heat on your hair. Using heat to straighten your hair will damage your hair. This will only happen because of two reasons.

How to Straighten Hair without Heat

One, you will damage hair if you do not know how to handle the heating equipment. You will also damage your hair if you use too much heat on your hair. The issue is hair damage caused by heat is irreversible. Heat also makes your hair appear unnatural.

Straightening your hair using chemicals

Chemical products can do a lot of damage to your hair. It is even worse when you use them to straighten your hair. Chemicals leave your hair dehydrated. Nobody likes rough hair because it appears untidy and unattractive.

Today is your lucky day because in this article you will find expert advice on how you can straighten your hair naturally. You will gain knowledge on how to straighten your hair overnight. Here are some of the ways that can help you straighten your hair.

How to Straighten Hair without Heat Overnight

Prepare a Natural Mask from Milk, Honey, and Sweet Almond to Straighten Your Hair

To prepare a natural mask to help you straighten your hair, you will need the following ingredients. 

  • Milk or coconut milk.
  • Honey.
  • Sweet almond.
  • Coconut oil. 

Mix one cup of milk to one tablespoon of honey, and drops of coconut oil or sweet almond. Apply the mixture on your hair and let it settle for one hour then wash your hair. Comb or brush through it constantly while your hair air dries. This procedure will for sure straighten your hair. The coconut oil and the sweet almond will make your hair shiny. Cover your hair before you sleep using silk cloth.

Use Elastic Hair Bands to Straighten Your Hair Overnight

One way to straighten your hair naturally without involving heat is by using elastic hair bands. The first thing to do is to clean your hair. 

Dry your hair using a towel. Do not blow-dry the hair. Use the towel to dry it until the hair is damp. The hair should not be wet and neither should it be very dry. The trick is to work on it when it is a dump.

Divide your hair into two parts or four parts if you are dealing with long hair. Get as many elastic hair bands as you can, depending on the length of your hair.

how to straighten hair without heat

Remember to go for the elastic hair band covered by fabrics. The focus here is on straightening the hair without damaging it. If you use hair bands made of rubber you will for sure damage your.

Start by tying the band on one part of your just like you do when making a ponytail. Without leaving any space tie the other bands on the hair until you get to the end. Make sure there is no strand of the hair hanging.

Do the same with the rest of the parts you made. After this, you can have your beauty sleep. In the morning, your hair should be straight and you will be good to go.

Straighten Your Hair by Brushing until it Dries Up.

Wash your hair using a shampoo. Let your hair air dry for at least 30 minutes. At this point, you can use a fan to dry the hair faster. While it air dries make sure to comb through it every five minutes.

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As you comb through our hair pull and hold it to straighten it easily. If you decide to go for this method, make sure to comb your hair constantly as it dries up.

Straighten Your Hair by wrapping it While Wet

To achieve this, divide your hair center down while still wet. So as you have two parts, one on the right-hand side and the other one on the left. 

Comb or brush your hair starting with the right or the left side wrap it tightly at the back of your head. You can use bobby pins. Do the same to the other part of the hair. Before you rest wrap the hair in a satin headscarf. 

Roll Your Hair to straighten it

Using a roller is another great way to straighten your hair naturally. Find large hair rollers or any cylindrical object that can act as a roller. Use it to roll and tightly bind your hair against your head.

Make sure you dry your hair very well because even a drop of water can make your hair frizz. Using plastic rollers will be more effective.

Use a Silicon Cream to Straighten Your Hair

Apply the silicon cream on your hair before you go to bed. The oil in silicon cream enables the hair to straighten out. Comb or brush through it to make it straight. Wrap your hair with a silk cloth then go have your beauty sleep. 

how to straighten hair without heat

Go to Bed with Wet Hair

The idea of going to bed with your hair wet sounds awkward and insane. But it is another unique way to straighten your hair without heat during the process. This is what you are required to do.

On your wet hair, make a loose ponytail using a fabric hairband. Make a bun by wrapping the loose hair around the ponytail. You can make it stay firm by adding another hair band around the hair bun. 

Use the Apple Cider Vinegar to Straighten Your Hair

To straighten your hair using apple cider vinegar you need the following items:

  • Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • A cup of water

Mix the apple cider vinegar the cup of water. Shampoo your hair and condition it too.

Rinse your hair with the mixture you have made. Do not wash your hair after you smear the apple cider vinegar on it. The solution will soften your hair and leave it straightened.

Straighten Your Hair by Using Aloe Vera

All you need to straighten your hair using Aloe Vera is a quarter cup of coconut oil or olive oil and a quarter cup of Aloe Vera gel. Mix either the coconut oil or olive oil with the Aloe Vera gel. The olive and coconut oil should be warm. Smear the mixture on your hair. Let it settle for around 40 minutes. Wash your hair with cool water and also use a mild shampoo too. Comb through it as it dries. The result will be amazingly straight hair. 

Make a Straightening Mask Using Rice Flour and Eggs

You will need the following:

  • One big white egg
  • Five tablespoons of rice flour 
  • One cup of fuller’s earth
  • A quarter cup of milk

Mix all the ingredients in a container to form an average paste. If the paste is thicker than what you want to add more milk. If it is thin add fuller’s earth. Apply the mask on your hair. Let it stay on your hair for an hour or so. After that, wash the hair using warm water and shampoo. The mask will leave your hair straight, glossy and healthy.

Use Milk Spray to Straighten You Hair

All you need is a quarter cup of milk and a spray bottle to help you make your hair straight. All you have to do is pour your milk into the spray bottle. Spray the milk onto your hair until it is dripping milk. Let the milk settle on your hair for about 30 minutes then rinse your hair using warm water. The milk controls frizz and as a result, your hair ends up appearing straight. 

Use a Mask Made of Banana and Papaya to Straighten Your Hair

To nail this one, you need one ripe banana and one big papaya. Blend equal parts of the banana and papaya until you get a smooth lovely paste. Apply this paste onto your hair and let it settle for about 45 minutes. Wash the hair use a mild shampoo and cool water. The banana papaya mask will leave your straightened shiny and healthy.

how to straighten hair without heat

With all this knowledge on how you can straighten your hair overnight naturally and without using heat. You no longer have an excuse on why damage your hair by straightening it using heat.

All you have to do is look around your house and find something you can use to naturally straighten your hair.

Never forget to cover your hair using a satin or silk cloth before going to bed. This is because satin and silk do not absorb moisture. You will have an easy time in the morning styling your hair.

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