What Is a Blowout? 5 Easy Steps to Achieve a Perfect Blowout

What Is a Blowout?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term blowout? Many of us may probably think of a big nasty fight erupting between people.

However, the blowout we are going to talk about is fun. So what is a blowout when we talk about hair?

It is funny that you ask that question, I can describe it as the feeling of confidence, happiness, and relaxation for about 45 minutes at a blow-dry bar.

what is a blowout

Just kidding, a blowout is simply styling your hair using a round brush while blow-drying it. You can style it straight or curly. Besides, you can also use a curling iron and a hairdryer to achieve the desired look.

Sure thing, most people can easily blow dry their hair; however, a blowout is way easier said than done. Using the round brush may leave us with a big tangled mess considering that the hair may get wrapped around the brush.

Maybe when you are leaving the blow dry bar, you wish that you could be able to do your hair right just like your stylist. However, do not stress yourself. With the following steps, you may be able to achieve the silky straight or bouncing wavy hair that you desire.

Wash Hair

How you wash the hair can make a great impact on the final result. A good hair wash with a great scalp massage, oh my, does it feel good. First, you need to shampoo your hair with a sulphate free shampoo because it is not harsh. This is to prevent your hair for drying and tangling. 

The temperature of the water also makes a difference. For oily hair, you can use hot water, but for dry hair, cool water makes sense. The cool water enables the hair to retain moisture better.

what is a blowout

Apply conditioner to your ends and ensure that it gets to every part of the hair by using a bristle brush. Leave it in for few minutes then rinse very well. 

When you are done washing, wrap your hair in a towel to remove the excess moisture. Do not ever try using any heat on your hair before removing the dripping moisture. This is to avoid hair breakage because your hair is at its weakest point when it is wet. 

Wrapping the hair in a towel cuts down the heat exposure time during blow-drying. Although using a soft towel is a great option, some people prefer old t-shirts for the job.

You should; however, refrain from rubbing or tossing your hair with the towel. This is because rubbing can result in tangling of the hair. After drying, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair gently

Use Styling Products to Prep the Hair

You will need two different products for this step. One for the hair roots and another for the rest of the hair. The products prevent hair frizz and improve your hair volume.

Pick products specified for your hair needs. If you have thick and curly hair, use a straightening balm. However, use a volumizing spray if you have fine hair. Applying a thickening spray to the hair roots enables you to get the professional quality look by lifting the hair at the roots.

Use light products on the scalp to avoid build-up that may cause irritation. For the rest of your hair, you should use a leave-in conditioner. It makes your hair healthy, thick, and smooth.

The products you use should provide heat protection. Section your hair for better access while applying the products. Be sure to detangle the hair in the process.

Blow Dry Your Hair

This is where patience is needed. Moving slowly and methodically gives you more control over the final outcome. Put your head upside down as it gives the roots more lift. Run your fingers through your hair and begin drying on medium heat.

With the hair already sectioned, blow-dry the hair as you gently pull straight each section with a comb. Avoid holding the dryer too close to the hair. Hold it at least an inch from the hair to prevent hair dryness and damage.

Once a section is completed, roll the hair under the brush all the way to the hair roots. Hold the blow dryer pointed to the brush while wiggling it to enable air circulating. Repeat this until your hair is 70% dry.

If your hair is thick or coarse, use the hottest setting for drying to prevent your hair from tangling. To get the desired hair volume, direct the heat on the roots.

what is a blowout

The Roll and Pull Method

This is the most important part that explains the question of what is a blowout? Once your hair is 70% dry, you can start blowing out the hair using the round brush.

The roll and pull method allows you to make your hair look smooth, big, and bouncy. This process requires you to work your hair in sections. For better results, smaller sections are the ones to go for.

Begin by placing the hairbrush at your hair root and work it tightly into the hair. While you blow-dry, pull your brush moving towards the ends of the hair.

Once at the end of the hair, roll your hair underneath the brush towards the roots of your hair. Gently pull to your ends again. 

Repeat the movement until the section is completely dry then move to the next. When using the stretching technique, use a brush to stretch the hair while drying towards the opposite direction in which your hair will fall. This improves volume and shapes the front of your face.

By now, you may realize that the hair at the sides of your face are a bit frizzy or not fully straight. To fix this issue, use the round brush to wrap the hair tightly away from your face. Then carefully blow dry the sections pointing the blow dryer away from your face. 

Don’t get worked up if you notice that the hair on the front of your face lies flat. The trick to lifting the hair is to blow dry the parts upside down. While brushing your hair forward, place the brush underneath, then blow-dry the hair from the top. The blow dryer should face downward.

One mistake to avoid in this process is over twisting the brush. You should completely avoid twisting the brush at the roots of your hair as it can create tangles. To prevent your hair from getting entangled in the brush, hold the hair with the brush and brush down to the hair mid-length then begin turning.

Use The Best Product for Finishing;

 Remember that more is less. Once you have handled your whole hair and it is completely dry. Spray it with cool air while still wrapped in the brush. Blasting the roots of your hair with cold air from the blow dryer locks in style and gives a nice lift at the roots.

what is a blowout

You can then wrap the sections on rollers until all your hair is done. This step is optional. Doing this adds volume and bounce while setting the style. Give it some minutes and then release your hair from the rollers. 

Shake your curls out with your head facing upside down. Flip your head upright and smoothly style your hair using your fingers. Loosen the curls if you have thick hair.

Apply a light layer of setting spray to complete the blowout. You can also apply serum to the ends for extra shine. A diffuser is also an important tool if you want to preserve the curls.

Just lean back your head and use the diffuser to dry the hair. After that intense work, sit back and admire your beautiful work in the mirror.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, when answering the question of what is a blowout?, you can attest that the steps needed to achieve the blowout are not complicated but rather easy to follow.

All that you need to achieve a blowout look depends on the tools and methods you use. With professional tools and experience over time, you will find the secret to getting the best results. Using the right products goes a long way in protecting and holding the style. 

A blowout can last for 3-5 days. How long the blowout last depends on several factors. The factors include your hair type, texture, condition, and the products used.

A hair with coarse texture lasts much longer than fine-textured hair. More so, how you sleep also affects how long the blowout lasts. Knowing how to care for your hair while you sleep can make your blowout last longer. Whether during a workout or overnight, knowing where to put your ponytail is the key. 

The first hack when trying to maintain a straight blowout is to keep your ponytail flat at the nape of your neck. The other hack to maintaining a wavy hair is putting it high on top of your head in a topknot. It is best to use pins to avoid dents that come with using elastics. Also, use a silk pillow for sleeping. 

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