5 Best Styles to Make a Bow with Steps

| November 3, 2015

A good way to style up your locks is with bow. Give up using artificial bow at hair and go with your own hair to adorn a bow bun at head to have different and cute look. It is said that hair style defines the face look by styling up we can change our look totally with little change in the hair style. Many websites are presenting tutorials for the concern but today I am going to describe 5 awesome bow bun hairstyles that can flatter your style to be cute enough attending any get together or a kitty party enjoying with friends. Many girls like to embellish their fringes with ribbon bow that can also be made with hands at home but personally I really like to do bow with hair and even want to make it all the daylong loll. The trend of multiple hair styles to fuse together and make a new one is also in. the step by step pictures will help you to make it easily at home without anyone’s help. But keep one thing in mind that it may not be perfect in first turn you should keep on trying it at home until it done right with a perfect look.

1. Bow bun with back hair braid

Hair Bow Tutorial (1)
As you are looking at the picture first make back braid and then it’s the turn of bow with rest of the hair by making pony tail with loop and separate it pinning the both parts with bob pins for better handling.

2. Simple bow hair tutorial

Hair Bow Tutorial 2
You can make the bow hair style by following up these simple steps with little effort.

3. Back bow style with open hair

Hair Bow Tutorial 3
Best idea of turning hair into bow with blonde hair. Style your hair by making bow and opening rest of the hair.

4. Bow making idea for normal length hair

Hair Bow Tutorial 4
Before making any style remove the tangles from hair with comb then make a hair statement with bow at back.

5. Bow hairstyle for boho girls

hair bow tutorial 5
Take some hair from both sides of the head and make a loop with pony. Split this loop into two parts and pin them inside with a bobby pin knot the bow with less hair. Chic hair style is ready.


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