How to Avoid Skin Breakouts

Skin breakouts are one of the things that can be negatively impactful to your appearance and even to your skin health overall. If you’re trying to avoid skin breakouts, there are many potential options that you can utilize. However, for many people, avoiding skin breakouts is as easy as taking a few simple steps to avoid skin issues. Before you run out with an Ulta coupon and buy every acne product out there, you should know the basics for managing breakouts. Here are the best tips for avoiding skin breakouts.

1. Clean Your Skin Regularly

First of all, you need to make sure you’re cleaning your skin on a regular basis. One of the biggest reasons for acne and skin breakouts is an issue with debris and oil on the skin. Although some amount of oil is essential to your skin’s healthy functioning, leaving makeup, day-to-day dirt, and smog on the skin can do more harm than good. Remember to clean your skin regularly for best results.

2. Remember Moisturizers

Cleaning is important, of course, but it can also wash away both the dirt and debris and the healthy oils on your skin. If you just clean your face, especially with a very astringent cleaner, and you don’t restore the moisture with healthy oils, you may end up with redness, irritation, and even bleeding in extreme cases. Plus, your skin may start producing excess oil, leading to, you guessed it, breakouts. Make sure you add a face moisturizer to your routine if you’re trying to avoid skin breakouts.

3. Use Targeted Acne Treatment

Sometimes, a targeted acne treatment is the best way to reduce skin breakouts, especially if you’re having specific breakouts over periods of time. For example, you might use pimple patches if you have individual pimples on your face or body that you want to try and get rid of. Additionally, it’s a good idea to talk to your dermatologist if you regularly notice acne breakouts.

4. Reduce the Number of Products You Use Regularly

One potential option to reduce your acne breakouts is to generally reduce the products that you use. If you have a very product-heavy beauty routine, you may find that the product can smother your face, potentially causing you to have more problems with breakouts and other skin conditions. If you find that your acne is repetitive, or that it happens more during times where you keep up with your beauty routine than times where you don’t, consider cutting down on the products you use.


Skin breakouts can be frustrating, and more than that, they can actually be harmful to your skin overall. If you’re trying to avoid breakouts, whether to help with skin health or just because they’re frustrating to deal with, these are a few options you can use. Even using one or two of these tips can be a good way to encourage skin health.