Now let’s face it every woman believes they know a thing or two about hair styling, and they are absolutely correct. The things is, we wouldn’t go to the hair stylist every so often if we didn’t recognise their amazing skill at turning our hair into works of art.

Moral of the short story is that there are specific tricks that your hairstylist uses that get you to come back time and again.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn a few of these tricks? I know what you are thinking, heck yeah!

Lucky for you, you’ve found the right place to learn tips and tricks about hair styling that will make you look like an absolute genius when you are with your friends.

Let’s find out.

1. Understand Your Type of Hair

Before you can even learn any styles, you need to know your hair type. What works for one woman will definitely not always work for another. Some women have lighter and thinner hair than others. Taking time to understand your type of hair allows you to make the right choice of hair products.

These will produce the best results for you and will help nourish your hair making it grow longer and thicker.

The follicles on your scalp determine your hair type. Their shape and size will produce either fine hair, thick hair or medium hair. Hold your hair in a ponytail using an elastic of average size. If you only wrap the elastic once then your hair is thick. If it requires two or three wraps then your hair is of medium thickness. Lastly if you need to wrap it more than this then you have fine hair.

As for your hair type, it could be wavy, curly, straight or kinky. Simply look at the mirror to find out.

2. Using the Right Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer is something that plenty of women do but often get wrong. It begins with your type of blow dryer. You need something that has high wattage of over 1800 and produces a constant flow of heat. This will seal the cuticle leaving your hair not only dry but shiny as well.

If you have ever wondered why your hair stylist does such an excellent blowout and yet when you do it, it doesn’t even come close is because they understand the importance of a good quality blow dryer.

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3. Trimming Your Fringe

Bangs if you are American and fringe if you are English, it doesn’t matter as long as you understand how to trim them.
Considering how fast hair grows learning to trim your nags is something that every woman needs to know.

First off start by getting your hair dry. I know you have seen your stylist cut your bangs while you still have wet hair but keep in mind that they have probably done this thousands of times before. As a novice you will be better off working with dry hair.

Secondly take a fine tooth comb and separate the bangs while holding the rest of your hair back. This ensures that you do not cut any strands of hair that you do not intend to.

Take your scissors and while holding down your bangs, cut from the far side. Take out an eighth of an inch at a time. Note that when you let go of your hair it will spring back up so it’s important that you do not cut too much.

The last time your stylist cut your bangs, they left a curve that you can now follow. Cut across your forehead until you have achieved the right size for your bangs.

If you are satisfied with the length, it’s time to texturise. Simply hold your bangs between your index and middle finger and make vertical cuts at the ends of your bangs.

4. Curling Your Hair

Not every hair is created equal and some women are just lucky enough to have curly hair. If you have slightly wavy or straight hair, do not despair, as you can achieve curls that look as natural as your friend’s. Thank God for technology!

However, you will need to have the right curling iron. It should be made out of ceramic as this allow it to heat the hair from the inside out. Secondly it should feature heat adjustments settings to allow you to choose a heat level that is ideal for your type of hair.

With the right curling iron, now it’s time to get down to curling your hair. Begin with the hair at the nape of your neck and work your way up. Take an inch and a half of hair and wrap round the barrel of the iron. Leave the last inch unwrapped to produce a more modern look.

Also consider curling in an opposite direction to your previous curl for a more haphazard look.

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5. Or You May Want Straight Hair

For women with naturally wavy or curly hair, you may want to get that straight hair look. In comes the flat iron. Many women are afraid of damaging their hair with a flat iron and their fears are well founded.
However you can prevent all that by suing the right type of flat iron. It should be made from ceramic. This produces ionic heat that is much gentler on your hair.

Secondly before straightening your hair, it is important to take measures to protect it from heat damage. This will include using a softening shampoo and conditioner. Then spray a heat protector before using the flat iron.

When straightening, it is easier to clip your hair into three sections. These should be the top, bottom and middle sections. Then using the flat iron, bring it as close to the scalp as possible and then run it down your hair shaft. Make sure you do not let the flat iron remain on the hair for too long to prevent any heat damage.