Unsure How Often to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil? Advice Based on Your Hair Type

How Often to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil? Wild growth hair oil is an essential oil that helps to boost the growth rate of your hair. 

How Often to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

The oil is chemical-based and is designed to care for and maintain your hair in addition to its main objective; to make your hair grow.

how often to use wild growth hair oil

The oil contains a combination of blended oils that contribute to the health of your hair. The wild growth hair oil is meant to nourish your hair effectively, making it grow at a higher rate than usual. Apart from stimulating growth lengthwise, the oil also helps to make your hair fuller and shinier. The oil can also fix damaged hair to give it life again.

 You can use the oil as a conditioner after washing your hair or as a moisturizer when you need to. Wild growth hair oil provides your hair with necessary minerals and vitamins. It contains minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Vitamins included in the oil are vitamin A, D, and E. you can use this oil in your braided hair or even in your detangled hair. Just a few drops of the oil used consistently would sure register some amount of change. The wild growth hair oil stimulates your hair follicles, which are the agents of change in the growth of your hair.

The outcome of using the oil is different to every person. While others may achieve desired results quickly, others may take a longer time to get longer or thicker hair.

While rates of hair growth are different with every person, many might still be unsure of how often to use wild growth hair oil. Does the frequency affect the rate of growth? Does every hair type have its recommended frequency for effective results? People have different types of hair, and this may be a factor in the different rates of growth. Some hair types genetically have the ability to grow faster than others.  

You need to be patient with the oil, let it act effectively, even if it takes time. Wild growth oil has however been reviewed to bring results quicker than you can imagine (holding other facts constant)

While we may know that the oil is used dropwise to a certain amount, the question that lingers in our mind still is, how often to use wild growth hair oil.

If you are unsure of how often to use wild growth hair oil, read on so you can be on the know. There are different factors that may contribute to the frequency of use of the wild growth hair oil.

how often to use wild growth hair oil

Depending on Hair Texture

Everyone has a unique texture of hair. While some may have finer, softer hair, some are naturally coarse and perhaps kinky. At the same time, some people may have oily hair that appears to be silkier than others who may have dry strands of hair.

The oil may easily find its way through your scalp and your strands if your hair is fine compared to a person who has coarse hair. Therefore, if your hair is fine, you may not need to use it too regularly.

Described below is a guide on how often to use wild growth hair oil on fine hair. As said earlier, you may use the wild growth hair oil as a conditioner. After washing your hair, wring out excess water using a towel or a t-shirt.

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If you do not remove the water, the oil will slide away, and you will not have achieved your goal. After drying your hair, part, it into four or more sections apply 15 drops of the wild growth oil directly into your scalp along the lines of the parted hair.

The next step is to comb out or brush your hair so that the oil can spread well. On the frequency, you can use the oil on a weekly basis for the fine hair. While you use it weekly, observe how much change you get after a period of time.

If the change is little, increase the frequency. In the first week of use, you can apply the oil once every week. Use the same number of drops stated above in the second week but increase the frequency to twice a week.  

In the third week, you can use it three times a week. In as much as you follow this routine of oiling your hair, do not overuse it so much so that there is no unnecessary buildup of oil in your hair. This may make your hair dirty and damage it instead.

Additionally, you can keep on doing your wash routine even as you nourish it using this oil. Do not hesitate to clean the hair thinking that you might wash away the oil. Once the oil finds its way through your strands and scalp, it will do its work relentlessly.

As you use the oil as frequently as described above, observe the growth if there is any. Check the volume difference that you may notice and the length too.

how often to use wild growth hair oil

If there is a substantial amount of change, you can reduce the frequency in which you use the oil. If the difference is not quite satisfactory, you can adjust the rate by using a little oil after one day so that you can get the results you desire.

For coarse hair, you may need more oil and use it at a higher frequency. Part your hair into sections using a comb apply 20 drops of the wild growth hair oil on the parted hair. Use your palm and fingers to spread the oil through the scalp and even to the strands by rubbing the sections together gently.

As said before, the wild growth hair oil can be used as a moisturizer; therefore, there is no harm in replacing it completely with your moisturizer so that it is the only moisturizing oil that you use on your hair.

 Moreover, the wild growth oil has olive, coconut, and jojoba oil in it will conveniently moisturize your hair. Because of its moisturizing ability, you can use this oil more often on your coarse hair.

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In the first week, use the oil twice a week, increase the frequency until a noticeable change appears.

The wild growth hair oil will even change your hair texture to become better; your coarse hair may regain its beauty and become silky soft again. If you notice a change as you continue to use the oil, you can reduce the frequency.

From using it thrice or four times a week, you can reduce the frequency by using it twice. You can also reduce the quantity if there is a good change in the volume and length of your hair.

If there is a need, you can keep moisturizing your hair using different oils so that it does not stay dry, that is if the wild growth hair oil does not help in fully moisturizing your type of hair.

Depending on your Hair Size

Your hair size is also highly dependent on the question of how often to use wild growth hair oil. Short hair may need more frequency and more amount of oil as compared to long hair.

This is because a person with shorter hair may be on a mission to get more length in comparison to one with long hair. The more frequent you use the oil on your short hair, the more length and volume you will get.

However, if your hair is considerably long, but for some reason, you still need more length and probably more volume, you can use the wild growth hair oil once or twice a week. 

 Use about 10 to 15 drops and apply directly on your parted hair. Rub your hair gently to ensure that it gets to your scalp.

Observe the growth after about 4 weeks. If there is a desirable change in the length and volume, you can reduce the number of times you use the oil in a week.

You can use it perhaps once every two weeks if the growth is immense. However, if there is no change, you can maintain or increase the frequency.

For shorter hair, use more oil and use it more often. Part your hair into sections and use about 30 drops or so.

You can apply directly or put the oil on your palm and rub it into your hair, ensure you run your fingers in your scalp so that the oil fully gets to most parts of your head.

Let the oil settle into your hair as you continue massaging. If your hair is short, you are definitely chasing more length and probably more volume. You should, therefore, use the oil very frequently. 

During the first week of use, apply the oil on your hair at least four times a week.

You can also choose to apply less oil but increase the frequency so that you do not soak too much oil in your hair over that period. You can then reduce or increase the rate depending on the amount of change realized after about three weeks.

How Often to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Now you know make the move and look cute with good looking hair.

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