How Does Caboki Work? 5 Easy to Follow Steps for Fuller Looking Hair

Many people who experience hair thinning use different ways to conceal the problem.

There are various hair concealers in the market. The synthetic ingredients make them unsuitable for people with sensitive scalps. Then there is Caboki hair concealer made of natural products.

It is new in the market, and many people are asking, how does Caboki work?

Various hair concealers in the market use synthetic fiber or keratin to make the product. The concealers are mainly positively charged. Our hair is made of keratin, is also positively charged.

We cannot refute science; opposite charges attract while similar charges repel. The concealers’ negative electromagnetic charge helps it to attach to the hair.  

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You can choose to use hair spray as an adhesive. However, it is not necessary as the Caboki fiber naturally blends into your hair, making it look full.

Caboki hair loss concealer is the only hair loss product that can work effectively in very few hair strands. Using synthetic fibers on a few hair strands gives messy and unnatural-looking results.

What Causes Hair Loss Problem?

Around the world, the hair loss problem is enormous. The hair loss industry makes an average of 3.5 million dollars annually. Anyway, what are the contributing factors to this profitable industry? I did my research, and these are the top causes of hair loss and hair thinning in most people.

  • Hereditary

It is quite unfortunate that in most cases, parents pass down hair loss genes to their children. When you see bald parents, there is a likelihood that the children too will be bald in their old age.

Most men experience balding at the top of the head while most women experience thinning, they will have their full head covered with hair, but very thin hair that you can see the scalp through the hair.

However, the parents do not have to experience the hair loss problem, but if the problem is in their family line, they can pass it down to children without suffering the same. 

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play a major role in hair growth. Healthy and balanced hormones produce full and healthy hair.

Many conditions lead to hormonal imbalance. Such conditions are medical or self-inflicted (when you use drugs that can tamper with hormonal production).

Hair can fall off due to hormonal changes. The condition can develop to alopecia, where hair follicles block completely. Alopecia is a very stressful condition. It will leave your crown with a bald patch, right in the middle of the head. 

Other causes of hormonal imbalance are pregnancy, illness, breastfeeding, menopause, and thyroid gland problems.

The various reasons that cause temporary hair loss include pregnancy, breastfeeding, and some illnesses. You can regrow your hair to its full capacity once the phase is over. However, some conditions like thyroid problems, menopause, and major diseases can make you lose your hair permanently.

how does Caboki work
  • Stress

Life has many ups and downs. Sometimes we are delighted, other times we are going through some very stressful experience.

Stress hinders the normal functioning of the body. It is a contributing factor to hormonal imbalance. 

When you are undergoing stress for n expended period, you are likely to lose a significant amount of hair strands. The result will be a thin crown, alopecia, or balding. 

If you are losing hair due to stress, do not fret. Once the stress is over, you will regrow your mane. There are some natural remedies to help you regrow your air faster. A few searches on the web, and you will have a solution.

  • Malnutrition

Hair cells comprise of keratin, which is proteins, calcium, and other nutrients. We nourish our bodies through diet. 

Your daily diet should contain enough calcium. A lot of water and vegetables will keep your hair nourished. When you eat unhealthy food, the reward will be unhealthy hair.

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How Does Caboki Work?

Caboki hair building fiber is a temporary fix for thinning hair. It will cover those patches before you get a permanent solution to your hair problem.

Caboki s made of Gossypium Herbaceum, a type of cotton grown in the arid areas in Morocco. The cotton fiber can simulate human hair.

Iron oxide, another natural product, is added to the cotton to give the cotton hair-like color. 

When this natural concealer comes in Contact with the hair, the negatively charges hair-like fiber cling to the positively charged hair roots and strands. The fiber makes your hair look fuller, hence covering the skin patches exposed by hair thinning. 

Caboki concealer can adequately cover balding and alopecia. However, you should understand as the hair continue thinning, caboki will become less effective. 

The product does not contain animal fiber and artificial ingredients such as synthetic dyes, preservatives, and fillers. Therefore, it is safe for use on sensitive skin types. 

Apply Caboki concealer in small quantities until you acquire the desired look. Adding too much product at once can lead to a messy result. You will also end up wasting a lot of product.

5 Easy to Follow Steps for Fuller Looking Hair Using Caboki 

Caboki is the most natural hair concealer fiber to use. Follow the steps below to achieve thick looking hair.

Washing, Drying and Styling the Hair

Caboki hair concealer gives the best results when applied on clean hair. 

Use your usual shampoo or any other hair cleansing agent. Ensure the scalp and tresses are thoroughly clean.

Dry all the moisture from the hair. You can use a blow-dry to blow all the moisture away. 

Apply any hair product of your choice and let it dry. 

Style your hair as you desire. You can use a hot comb, hair straightener, styling rods, or hair drier. 

It is advisable to style the hair before applying hair concealing fiber because fine-toothed combs tend to loosen the fiber from the hair strands.

Choose and Apply Caboki Concealer to Affected Areas

Caboki hair concealer comes in seven natural colors. They are black, grey, reddish, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and medium blonde  

Shake a little caboki fiber on a comb.

Apply the fiber a little at a time until you achieve your desired look

Make sure you apply to all the affected areas.

Use a mirror to avoid messing up your head.

Pat Area You Applied the Product

Pat the applied areas gently using a wide-toothed comb. Patting will help the product disperse evenly.

Combing the hair

Use a wide-toothed comb to get the hairstyle back. Combing ensures that caboki fiber covers the hair from the root to the tip. It also confirms to you that the product will not fall off easily.

If you do not have a wide-toothed comb, you can use your fingers to get the hair back to its style.

Spray Volume Control Mist

The aim of using a hair loss fiber concealer s to have fuller-looking hair.

Caboki hair fiber does not require one to have a hair spray. The fibers naturally attach to the hair strands using the law of attraction- opposite charges attract. 

However, it does not harm to use volume control mist. The result will be fuller, shinier natural-looking hair.

The spray will also add some adhesive properties to the hair.


  • Do not use a fine-toothed comb after applying Caboki hair concealer
  • Do not apply the product on the quarter-inch frontal hairline
  • Do not wear hats or move out in the rain after applying Caboki
  • Do not use Caboki if you are visiting a steam room or sauna
  • People should not touch your hair once you have applied Caboki. They will soil their fingers.
  • Avoid inhaling the product. The fibers can cause irritation and discomfort in your inner nose.

How to remove Caboki fiber on your hair

Caboki hair loss fiber attaches in the hair by opposite electrical charges; therefore, the removal process is easy

Wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Massage the shampoo gently to avoid damaging your tresses.

Rinse out with warm water. The fiber will run down with shampoo and water.

Make sure you wash out old fiber before applying more. The fiber will stay attached to your hair until you wash it out. 

Advantages of Caboki Fiber

  • It gives you a natural look
  • It does not stain your clothes and scalp or smear on the scalp
  • It is not carried away by winds
  • It is suitable for use on sensitive scalps
  • You will not need adhesives to secure it on the hair.

Disadvantages of Caboki Fiber

  • Applying Caboki is messy before you know how to do it right. Keep practicing until you are perfect.
  • You can only use it on hair strands; therefore, you cannot use it on a completely bald head. Therefore, consider micro scalping and hair transplant as permanent solutions to hair thinning.
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Hair thinning is stressful. It can damage your self-esteem. 

Choose Caboki hair loss concealer as it gives you a more natural look. 

Caboki is durable, and it will give you value for every cent you spend on it. It is easy to apply at home, it, therefore, will save you from extra expenses of getting a professional hairdresser to help you apply.

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