How to Make Synthetic Hair Less Shiny: 5 Tips to Make Synthetic Hair Look Natural

Synthetic hair has become the in-thing today, thus, are worn daily by those who want to achieve some level of a protective measure on their hairline, by giving it ample time for it to grow.

On the other hand, the main reason as to why others will put on a wig is to accentuate their looks and hairstyle.

However, the bottom-line here is to look as natural as it could get. That’s why you need to know How to Make Synthetic Hair Less Shiny.

You can Spray It

This is the easiest and fastest way of getting rid of that shine on your synthetic hair. With so many shampoo products in the market today, all you have to do is choose the right one for the task ahead.

However, not all shampoos can do the trick. Ensure that you go for a dry shampoo.

They are most suitable for spraying synthetic hair. It is not just dry shampoo as most end up producing a whitish substance, which ends up staining dark-colored wigs.

To avoid such a scenario, it is very important to go for a dry shampoo that is strictly meant to be used on synthetic hair with darker colors.

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How About a Fabric Softener?

This is another ingenious way of removing the unwanted shine on your synthetic hair. Proceed by adding a few drops of the softener on a container filled with water. It could be a bucket or basin.

For accuracy, use a tablespoon to measure the amount of the fabric softener to be mixed with water. After you have mixed the fabric softener with water, then go ahead and immerse the synthetic hair inside the mixture.

Leave it to soak for a few minutes. After it has soaked, use your fingers to gently straighten any part that might have previously been entangled.

After that, remove the hair and put it on its stand for some fresh air and to dry out as well. The main purpose of using a fabric softener is not just to soften the synthetic hair but to remove the shine from it altogether. 

Some Powder?

Another simple method of removing that shine from your synthetic hair is by using baby or talc powder. Baby powder sounds outrageous! Doesn’t it? But it does the trick perfectly. Dab a small portion of it gently on the wig using a brush with soft bristles so as not to damage the hair.  

Do this continuously on every corner, all the way up to the roots and endings as well. Just in case you notice any excess powder on the wig, then shake it as gently as possible to remove them.

Use a comb with wide teeth to comb the synthetic hair or you can also do it with the help of your fingers. Ensure that the powder is evenly spread on the hair.  

Vinegar Mixture

This is also another viable option for removing the excessive shine on your synthetic hair. First of all, mix about two cups of vinegar, which has apple cider as an ingredient with water, half a bucketful.

Afterward, proceed to soak your synthetic hair for a minimum period of about seven minutes.

Remove the wig and rinse it gently using very cool water, before combing it nicely. Leave it to dry undisturbed under cool conditions. This will remove the smell of vinegar from it too. 

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Natural Dulling 

At times it best to leave nature to take its course. If you do not have time for the above steps, why don’t you leave your synthetic hair to dull itself on its own?

Constant wearing will make the shine to natural dim on its own, eventually disappearing altogether. When you wash it regularly, the shine will diminish. However, such a process is meant for those who are not in a big hurry to get rid of the shine.

Styling Your Synthetic Hair

You can set about being creative with your synthetic hair, as opposed to the straight and normal look.

Creativity can take away the shiny look, with a crispier look of waves and curls that can reflect the shine away from your head, giving you a more natural and relaxed look.  

Position it strategically on Your Head

Wearing your weave in a more strategic position by making sure that its front is naturally in line with your hairline, will go a long way in reflecting the excess shine from your head and face.

Anything higher or lower will give you away. This is what you are trying hard to avoid. Hence, take your sweet time and ensure that you wear your wave in the right manner. You must get the position right at all costs.

Get the Parting Right

When in the process of choosing your favorite wig, then you must pay attention to the type, which has a parting. Such synthetic hair normally is of good quality, and in line with that, it will provide you with a natural look.

However, if your favorite wig does not have a good lacing on top, then it is only wise for you to choose the one with a side parting because it is not that much visible.

A Fringe

Since you need to get it right with the hairline, for you to maintain this aspect, then a fringed wig will make things very easy for you. It does not matter whether the fringe is full or not full.

Hair situated in front will come in handy when it comes to concealing the wig’s line.

Nonetheless, suppose you have chosen to go for a non-fringed wig, then have it adjusted by a competent hairdresser and have them work on it by bringing out a fringe like a look on it.

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How About an Up-Do Style?

This is also another great way of sprucing up your synthetic hair. This kind of touch will make it appear more natural than it is, by leaving a bit of jumbled and sassy but neat look altogether.

Another style, which can leave an even better outcome is by snipping smaller bits of the wig. Besides, when it comes to a ponytail, then it is only important that you maintain one that is moderate. And it is not very tight, as to leave your hairline exposed or give it an unnatural look.

A Selfie Shot 

If you take a Selfie, it will help you to ascertain the exact position of your synthetic hair. It will be very easy for you to make adjustments to it. Apart from a Selfie, you can also ask some of your reliable friends or family members to make some readjustments on the wig. 

The key determinant on how the wig will look on you will be upon several key factors. If you have short and natural hair, then it is important for you to prep it up before you wear synthetic hair.

You can do this by brushing your hair in the opposite direction of your face, with a soft-bristled hairbrush, and then pinning it in its rightful place.

how to make synthetic hair less shiny

In case you have very long hair, then it is prudent for you to pin it in the opposite direction from your face, while at the same time, making it as flat as it could get.

Furthermore, you can have the option of pinning your long hair in a pin curl style or just tie it into two portions of French styled braids. Thereafter, crossing the two portions around your nape, before you clip them while using grips to secure them firmly over your head.   

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For those who do not have any hair at all on their heads, can put on a wig cap first of all, before putting on the synthetic hair. This will help hold the wig firmly in place, making it a lot more secure on your head. Leaving you satisfied in the whole duration that you are wearing it.

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Time to Put On the Wig

Now that everything is firmly in its rightful place. The time has now come for you to put on your synthetic hair. The first step will be to hold it by the nape using both hands.

Thereafter, you will tilt your head forward a little bit. At this juncture, you will have strategically positioned the synthetic hair slightly over your eyebrows. 

That’s How to Make Synthetic Hair Less Shiny

The next step is to gently slip the wig on your head, beginning with the front then back. That is not all, you will gently push its front as if going towards the back, up until it has reached beneath your hairline.

At this point, you can use the ear knots on both sides of the synthetic hair to position it at the center, by adjusting the knots ahead of your ears. Ensure that the hair is firmly in its rightful place.

Then you are good to go!

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