How to Curl a Synthetic Hair Extension without Ruining Them

Your usual hairstyle looks boring. It is time to have a new, interesting, curly look. But you do not have enough money to purchase a new hair extension because payday is weeks away.

Wait, do you know how to curl a synthetic hair extension? And of cause without damaging it? Don’t worry. I will take you to step by step to achieve those bouncy curls on your wig.

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How to Curl a Synthetic Hair Extension at Home

There are many synthetic hair extensions in the market; some are straight others are curly. However, you can add some curls to your straight extension, or maybe, change the curl pattern of your curly extension.

 There are different ways to achieve that. The choice of method will depend on the type of synthetic fiber of the extension. Some synthetic is heat resistant to some degrees, while others cannot withstand heat.

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All synthetic extensions will come with instructions. If your extension is labeled ‘heat resistant,’ you can use the methods you use to curl your natural hair. You can use mild heat to curl synthetic extensions that are not heat resistant. There are also heatless methods, though they are not as effective as heat methods.

Preparing Your Synthetic Extension for Curling

When you want to curl your synthetic extension, it is obvious it is not new, and you are tired with its straight look.

Follow these steps to prepare your extension for curling

  • Wash and condition The Synthetic Extension
  • Before styling your extension, ensure it is clean. Use a mild shampoo to wash it.
  • Add a capful of shampoo in 2 liters of warm water.
  • Dip your extension into the shampoo water. Do not knee or squeeze the extension. 
  • Swirl it in the shampoo water for a few minutes.
  • Line dry your extension under a shade
  • Apply a moisturizing conditioner to your extension.
  • Rub in the conditioner with your hands to ensure all the strands are well moisturized.
  • Brush or Comb Your extension.
  • Use a wig brush or a wide-toothed comb to comb through your synthetic extension. Be gentle to avoid stretching the synthetic strands. Brush or comb until you achieve a polished look
  • The process is important as it removes any tangles in your extension. 
  • Tangles can make the extension strands snag and break when it is passed through the heat curling process.
  • Protect it From Heat Using a Heat Protectant Spray

A heat protectant spray protects the synthetic hair from heat damage. The extension can be labeled heat resistant, but that is not enough to protect it from heat damage. Taking extra precautions will prolong the life of your extension.

The Things You require For Styling

how to curl a synthetic hair extension

Besides the things listed above, you will also need 

  • Ceramic curling iron or flat iron
  • Hair steamer
  • A bowl or a mug
  • Styling clips
  • Perm rod or Flexi rods
  • Rollers
  • Spray bottle
  • mannequin

 Let us have a look at some of the methods.

Using a Curling Iron to Curl a Synthetic Extension

Check the label of your synthetic extension package. They usually indicate the heat range that an extension can withstand.

Start by curling the tiny parts of the wig. The part would act as a heat test, especially if you lost the packaging. It also ensures you do not leave them out in the end. You can leave then out if you want some straight parts, especially at the fringe.

Place your extension or wig on a mannequin. Set your curling iron to the lowest heat, or the heat you tested on the small sections.

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Spray some water on the extension. The water should be enough to make the extension wet but not dripping wet. The water helps the extension hold the curls for an extended time.

Divide the hair strands into different sections. Use hair clips to hold the sections in place. For loose curls, divide into big section and for tighter curls, divide the extension into finer sections. Start with the front section of the extension.

To achieve a more natural look, the sections at the front and the sides should be smaller than the middle and the back. You will have finer tighter curls at the front than at the back

Pick a section at a time, wrap the section around the curling iron, and hold the curling iron in that position for one minute or until the hair gets warm.

Release the section slowly and move on to the next section. Repeat the procedure until you curl all sections.

You can pin the hair sections to prolong the life of the curls.

Using Steam to Curl Synthetic Extension

Steam is one of the safest methods you can use to curl your synthetic hair extension. You have a 100% guarantee that your extension will not get damaged. There are no hot styling tools involved in this method.

You can use steam to curl, extensions that are non-heat resistant. 

Place your hair extension on a mannequin. 

how to curl a synthetic hair extension

Section your extension into various sections. The size of the sections will determine the kind of curls you will achieve.

Wrap each section on a roller. Secure the strands on the rollers with wig pins. 

Use a synthetic wig steamer to steam your extension. Put the mannequin with the hair extension in OULVNOU Hair Thermal Steamer Spa Cap. Leave it to steam for about 20-30 minutes. 

After steaming, let the extension air dry with the rollers on. 

Remove the rollers after the extension has completely dried.

You can purchase the OULVNOU Hair Thermal Steamer Spa Cap here.

If you do not have a hair steamer, you can trap steam in your bathroom.

Close the door and the windows to your bathroom

Leave hot water flowing from the shower. Soon enough, enough steam will be trapped. 

Place your prepared extension on a mannequin in the bathroom. If the steam is enough, the extension will be ready in 15 minutes.

Let the extension air-dry before removing the rollers.

Using Flat Iron to curl Synthetic Extension

  • Prepare the hair extension as you did while using a curling iron.
  • Divide the section depending on the type of curls you want.
  • Switch on your flat iron and set in on the lowest setting. It ensures your synthetic extension does not melt on the iron.
  • Hold a section of the extension strands with a flat iron
  • Twist the flat iron together with the strands inwards, just as you twist when curling your natural hair
  • Repeat the process to all the sections. There you are, your curly extension is ready.

Using Flexi Rods top Curl Synthetic Extension

Have you ever created curls on your hair using hair rollers? The process of using Flexi rods is similar.

Use the Flexi rods in place of rollers.

Use a steamer to curl your extension. You can even use hot water in the place of a steamer.

Use Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray to give your extension some shine and hold the curls longer.

how to curl a synthetic hair extension

Using Hot Water to Curl Synthetic Extension

Divide the extension strands into different sections

Apply some cream-based moisturizer on your synthetic extension. To get the moisturizer an all the strands, rub it in with your hands. If you do not have a moisturizer, you can use olive oil or coconut oil.

Wrap each section onto a perm rod, Flexi rods or rollers. Cap the ends of the extension to achieve curls to the ends.

Fill a bowl with ¾ of hot water.

Dip each section in a bowl of hot water one at a time. Leave each section in water for about 30 seconds.

Do not hold the bowl with bare hands to avoid burns.

When the water cools, rewarm, and continue with the process.

Leave the extension to air dry with the rods or rollers. 

Remove the rods gently after the extension is completely dry.

Curling Synthetic Extension without Heat

In this method, you use perm rods or rollers to achieve the curls.

Spray some water to your hair extension

  • Apply some synthetic hair conditioner to the wet extension.
  • Wrap small sections of the extension strands on perm rods or rollers.
  • Secure the strands with wig pins or clips.

You can leave the rollers overnight to ensure the curls holds.

The heatless method will not give you defined curls as the heat methods; however, if you are afraid of damaging your extension, this is your go-to method.

How to wear a synthetic extension hat is curled at home

You finally have your new look hair extension. However, the curls may look unnatural.

Apply some oil to your palms and run your hands through the extension.

Gently part the curls to get a natural look. It will help the curled extension look fuller and voluminous.

Conclusion how to curl a synthetic hair extension

You do not need to throw away your synthetic extension because the curls have unraveled, or you are tired of a straight extension. You can give it a new look by curling it at home.

The steps to achieve the curls is simple. You only need to use the hair tools you have at home. Also learn to curl your short hair.

We hope you’ve found our guide to how to curl a synthetic hair extension useful.

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