How to Make Your Hair Poofy: 3 Methods and Expert Tips

Poofy hairstyles are still an elusive styling for many. As a hairstyle lover, you can learn how to increase the body of your hair without putting fancy ingredients or supplies.

How to Make Your Hair Poofy

Here’re expert tips on how to make your hair poofy.  

how to make your hair poofy

Method 1: Cleaning Your Hair

1. Leave your hair to guide you depending on curliness, natural oiliness, among other factors. You’ll have to change the fundamental “poofing” process somewhat to ensure it works correctly for you. While the basic procedure ought to be similar, focus on how your hair carries on and change the method as required. 

  • If you have thin hair, you might need a lot of hairsprays, among other products, to ensure your hair stands up. But for thicker hair, tease it more and use lesser products. 
  • For those with greasy hair, you might need to wash it around 4 to 5 times every week to make it poofier. Other individuals will, however, get more body the lesser you wash your hair.

2. Use shampoo to clean your hair. You want it clean and nice when you try to poof it. Back rub a pea-sized measure of cleanser into your hair follicles and scalp, then rinse it with lukewarm water. 

  • You should know your body well and wash hair as often as there is a need. You generally want to wash it slightly, and approximately 3 to 4 times every week ought to be enough for most people. 
  • Avoid washing in too much hot water, since it can dry hair and make it stringy.

3. Apply conditioner. This will make your hair have a smooth feeling and even add body without tangling. If you’ve to focus on your hair’s natural shape, apply hair conditioner each time you wash. 

  • Rinse the conditioner thoroughly and run water on it until the hair is clean. Excessive hair conditioners can cause your hair to lank and feel greasy after the wash. 
how to make your hair poofy

4. Tenderly, comb your hair. Tangles may make your hair look somewhat voluminous, but not in the best way. While the hair is moist, comb it a couple of times. Ensure all the snarls, tangles and knots are carefully combed before continuing to the poofing procedure.

5. Blow-dry your hair midway. You may put the hair in a  bun and let it dry. This is one of the ideal methods of putting some little body naturally, by merely allowing it to dry. Utilize a hairdryer to dry it sufficiently for proper working. Afterward, put your hair in a tight bun over your head. Once the hair dries completely, remove it. You ought to have some twists and some little added body to operate.

Method 2: Teasing and Styling 

1. Tease or back-comb your hair in the middle part of your head. One of the most incredible ways of offering your hair body and making it poofy is to back-brush or “to tease” it out. To achieve this, you need to brush up a segment of hair from the center of the upper part of your head and hold it upright. By using a comb, get it through down toward the scalp and turnaround of how you’d ordinarily brush whenever your hair is flat. 

  • If your hair is not sufficiently long to back-brush, you still have a chance to tease it. Utilize a brush, pick or comb, and frequently combine strokes via the hair to prod it out.
  • Don’t do it in your entire hair, but only the one you want to move in a certain direction to make it poofy. For instance, if you need poofy hair on the sides, tease it out on those parts. If you need it to the top, leave the sides and front alone.

2. Continue prodding until you get some poof. The time it takes to make it poofy is dependent on your hairstyle. Continue working until it begins to get poofy and some frizz. Initially, it might look very crimped and unattractive, but you can figure out how to style the hair to keep up the body without the ratty look.

3. Use your hands to lift the hair and apply hairspray. Presently, your hair ought to be a little poofier, and to make it stand in one place, utilize a strong-holding hairspray. Utilize your brush to raise your hair, or simply get it using your hands. As much as you can, hold it outwards from the head and spray it.

  • Again, utilize fewer splashes if you have unusually thick hair. You won’t have to utilize a lot since it will weigh the hair down. 

4. If desired, you can lay the hair back above the poofy area. Do you want to make the hairstyle poofy? Comb the sides, bangs, and other hair that was left straight on top of the poofy area. Then, style it as usual. In case you poofed it in the middle part, comb the bangs back above your head. The hair will rest above the teased-out hair, clouding it but accentuating the bounce. Did you want to make your hair bigger? That is how to make your hair poofy!

How to Make Your Hair Poofy: 3 Methods and Expert Tips 15

Method 3: Diversify the Product Game

One way you want to make your hair poofy is by using hair products. Thinner hair needs more styling products and time while thick or long hair demands some bit of cautious planning. The poofy appearance appears best on hair that hits at the chin, at most. The goal is to have a lot of material to prod into a frenzied style.

1. Shampoo Prep

Making a garishly poofy style begins in the shower. Apply a volumizing cleanser from your hair’s roots to tips and wash it out using cold or lukewarm water. Use a volumizing conditioner to follow the same, concentrating the item on the base portion of your strands.

Abstain from applying conditioner on the scalp to deliver more volume and lift. That’s because; conditioners will work in general burden roots. Flush out the conditioner completely. Volumizing products are mainly intended to keep hair simple to work with and light after the shower.

2. Dry and Mousse

Towel-dry your tresses and apply a handful of soft and light mousse on your hair. Ensure you hit the strands from the upper part to the lower one. For those with fine hair, use mousse to the lower half part of your strands. Then apply a root-lifting tonic to support the puffy look.

Flip the hair over after utilizing the volumizing items. Blow-dry your hair using the low air and medium heat settings on the dryer set. Fix a diffuser if you’ve one and scrunch your strands towards the scalp while you dry it to empower poofy volume. Continue working with your hair until it completely dries.

3. Roller Heaven

Make separate hair sections of 1-inch from your head’s crown. Fold these segments over 2-inch rollers, folding the braids from your face. This part increases volume to the roots, particularly for those with fine hair. Set the rollers and leave them for approximately 15 minutes. Spritz them with a lightweight hairspray in case you require some additional hold.

Discharge the rollers tenderly and tousle the locks to slacken up the wavy shape and make that radiant poofy impact.

4. Enticing Tease

After washing, lifting, and drying the roots, your hair is prepared for the last advance in making enduring, poofy volume – back-brushing, otherwise called prodding. Settle on flat-backed brush rather than a fine-tooth comb for less harming and more powerful volume creation.

Split a 2-inch segment of your hair at the head’s crown and hold up the area close to the tips using one hand. While using the other hand, delicately back-brush your locks utilizing brisk, short strokes pushing toward the scalp. Ensure you repeat the process for various sections as you find it fit to make a poofy stun of hair.

5. Completing Touches

Just back-brush several times on each area and softly tease the top layer of hair for a smoother finish. Once you’ve prodded your locks, run the fingers above the tousled areas delicately. You want to smoothen and straighten the runaway hairs and settle the segments into a natural pattern. 

Use light-formula hairspray to spritz your coif and avoid applying a lot of it on your hair. Otherwise, it can overload your locks and eventually undo the volume.

Without Teasing 

For those with long hair but also have time, you can place it into a small bunch of braids. After you take them out and you brush the hair, it must end up with a poofy style.

Thick Medium Hair 

Working on the fuller and higher ponytail incredibly works. Stick the fingers on hair and continue returning them until they meet. Comb out the hair, and secure it in a high pony. Get hold of the remaining hair and put it into a low ponytail.

how to make your hair poofy

Tease or fluff the ponytail on top, and cover it on the bottom. You could likewise do an elemental twist on both sides of your head.

Pin it back by using bobby pins, and insert an item on the bobby pins or put a bow to give it a better look. A braid on your head’s side will likewise work well.

By using the above tips, you should now know how to make your hair poofy effortlessly!