Can You Dye Your Hair When It’s Greasy? Our Expert Advice

Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? This is a question most people find challenging to get the correct answer.

What is greasy hair?  There are four main types of hair conditioning in humans which are: normal, dry, greasy, and greasy dry. Among the significant causes of greasy hair include excessive consumption of fats, starch, and carbohydrates. Also, not being hygienic may be a significant cause of greasy hair.

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 While it may seem impossible, some tips can help you dye your greasy hair without much effort. Whether it is a semi-permanent or permanent dye, our expert tips below will help you answer the question; can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? Continue reading to find out more.

Start By Washing Your Hair

The most natural solution to die your hair when it’s greasy is to wash it first. As seen above, poor hygiene is one of the causes of greasy hair. If you fail to wash your hair for an extended period, sebum will build up in the hair follicles. Your hair will appear extra shiny when greasy hence it will be difficult to dye it. 

You may decide to use warm or cold water or a combination of the two, to wash your greasy hair before dyeing it. For the best result, you should use warm water. Why is this so? Cold water doesn’t seem to be suitable for removing the oils and fats in your hair. On the other hand, rinsing your greasy hair with warm water will remove moisture and essential oils from your hair.

After washing, you’re advised to give it some time before you color your hair. The reason is that dyes are always meant to be applied to dry hair. However, a little grease may not be bad for your color.

However, too much of something is poisonous. Over-washing might not be suitable for your greasy hair. If you strip the oils more often, your scalp will be triggered to produce more oil, which will make your hair even greasier than it was. Try washing it once per day or even once every two days. It will do you much good when wanting to color it.

Use of Cosmetics

Some people wash their hair once in a while; hence washing will not be an ideal solution for them. Such people prefer using cosmetics.

 Some cosmetic companies specialize in producing cosmetic products to deal with greasy hair. Washing at times may feel very natural for you. As a result, you opt to go for other alternatives.

This method is typically the same us washing just that here we use shampoo instead of water. The best way is to shampoo your hair a day before you dye it. Do not apply any other additional chemical or product to your greasy hair after shampooing. 

 However, you should be careful with the type of shampoo you use. Some may cause further damage not only to your greasy hair but also to your skin. This may be the reason why most people prefer to go the natural way, use water only.

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Use a Conditioner

Immediately you finish washing your hair with either water or shampoo; you should condition it. Conditioning your hair will help you reduce friction between your hair strands for easier combing or brushing. Moreover, a dye should only be applied on dry hair that has been conditioned.

Failure to conditioning your hair might damage your scalp. Hair conditioners also help improve the feel of your hair as well as its manageability and appearance. You should be able to quickly color your hair after conditioning it well using the best hair conditioner.

Use of Baby Powder

Baby powders are the best for greasy hair. Just before you dye your hair, apply some powder on your oily hair and scalp. Make sure the baby powder is all blended on your greasy roots and hair shaft. Using a brush or comb, brush away the excess powder in your hair.

The powder soaks and blots away all the oils in your hair, leaving it refreshed. This gives you an easy task to apply your dye on your greasy hair.

Don’t Brush Your Hair

Most people will consider brushing their hair before coloring it. This is not a good idea for those people with greasy hair. Here is the reason.

Among the significant stimulants for the production of sebum is when you comb your hair. You should try as much as possible to avoid this activity, especially if you have greasy hair and want to color it. 

Instead of stimulating the production of sebum by brushing your hair before dyeing it, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. If you have to brush it, do not do it more often.

Choose the Right Products for Your Greasy Hair

It is argued that not all dyes work best on someone’s hair. This is because people have different types of hair. One of the essential steps to getting your hair colored is choosing the best and right dye for your hair.

Some dyes have been made explicitly for greasy hair. You should consider going for such products in case you have greasy hair. Also, if you can’t follow the above tips, the only choice left is to choose the right dye for your hair. 

In case you find it daunting to choose the best or right hair for your greasy hair, consider getting advice from a beautician or colorist. Also, it will depend on the type of dye you want, either permanent or semi-permanent. Both are made of chemicals that we don’t even know. Choosing the wrong dye might damage your scalp and hair. The chemicals in the dye might react with the oils produced by the sebum causing much damage to your scalp.

Apart from the dye, if you use other hair products that make your hair shiny, you increase the chances of your hair being greasy. The easiest way is to cut off stylish products altogether.

Do Not Straighten Your Hair

When you straighten your hair, there is more likelihood of it getting contact with oil. You should always leave your hair curly, whether it is naturally curly or not. This is because when your hair is curly, there is a large volume of it at the roots. This, in turn, limits your hair from becoming oily or greasy. You can easily dye your hair when it is less oily. Keep your hair curly.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging is known for the body and not for hair. Some people are wondering how hair can be massaged. This is an excellent remedy for dealing with greasy hair before deciding to dye it. Not only does messaging help with your greasy hair, but also it has other benefits to your hair. For example, it helps to regrow your hair. You should, therefore, try as much as possible to do it more often.

Use of Natural Remedies

Why stress yourself with buying so many products to get rid of oil in your hair when you can do it the natural way? Natural remedies will cost you less. 

Among the things to use while opting for natural remedies include the organic apple cider vinegar. It should be raw. Since the raw organic apple cider is acidic, it restores the pH balance of your hair. As a result, it gets rid of the buildup on the scalp. 

The primary benefit of using this method is that it does not strip off the essential elements. You can still use it even after you have dyed your greasy hair. Why use what you don’t know when you can use what you know?  Embrace natural remedies. They are the best when it comes to greasy hair before and after coloring it, unlike the artificial chemicals that most of us are used to.

Do you know that black tea can help you dye your hair when it is greasy? It has an astringent called tannic acid, which tightens the pores of your hair, thereby preventing a buildup of excess oil on your scalp. All you have to do is rinse your hair with black tea. After there, it will be effortless to dye your greasy hair.

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It doesn’t have to be challenging when coloring your greasy hair. Do not let your dye be unevenly matched on your hair, leaving spots of the dye everywhere.  Everything is possible, so does coloring your greasy hair. The above tips will be helpful to your greasy hair. All you have to do is try them out one by one. All of them may not work on your greasy hair, but they are worth trying. 

Can You Dye Your Hair When It’s Greasy?

To answer the question, can you dye your hair when it’s greasy, you should consider reading more articles of the same. Do not allow your greasy hair to hinder you from coloring it. You deserve to look beautiful and neat.