How to Get Waves With Nappy Hair: 5 Great techniques

We all love the beauty that comes with having waves on your hair. It is a fact that any man with waves on his hair will catch the eye of many ladies. This, however, doesn’t mean that waves are only meant for men. What happens if you have nappy hair? A question that most people always ask themselves is how to get waves with nappy hair.

It will be challenging for people with nappy hair to have waves. However, this does not mean that such people can’t have waves on their nappy hair. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to get waves with nappy hair.

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Also, before you decide to get waves with your nappy hair, you should first determine the kind of waves you need. There are various types of waves, depending on the type of your hair. Let’s find out more below.

Clean the Slate

It may be challenging to start this process on your current hair. For better results, it is always good to start on a clean slate. Get impressionable and fresh hair follicles to start the process.  You will have to visit your barber to get your hair trimmed at a low level. 

However, you should not make your hair too low such that you can easily see your scalp. To avoid all this, you should explain to your barber how short you need your hair to be and for what reason. 

Also, to keep your hair waves visible, you will need to go for regular haircuts. This should be done at least every 2 to 3 weeks. Moreover, when cutting your hair, you should consider the direction your waves take. 

Cutting your hair against the direction of your hair waves might cause damage to your waves. Make sure your barber is aware of the direction of your waves and knows how to trim your hair thoroughly.

The Brushing Process

Brushing is an essential part of getting waves with your nappy hair. You will need a suitable brush, depending on the texture of your hair. For our case, freshly shaved hair will need a soft or medium brush. You will need all the types of brushes from hard, to the smooth one just that you will use them at different stages. 

For beginners, a hard brush will be the best for brushing and training their waves. For those with soft natural hair, the only alternative will be to use the soft-bristled brush. 

Before you start your brushing, you should first locate your wave’s point of origin. The waves must start from somewhere either on the left or right. To do this, you will need a mirror or two. If someone is doing it for you, it will be useful as well.

Also, you should always take precautions when brushing your hair. You may cause an injury to your scalp or hair by brushing too hard. Also, using the wrong brush on your hair might cause damage to your scalp.


For you to make sound waves with your nappy hair, you need to moisturize the hair. Dry nappy hair does not achieve more exceptional results when making waves. More so, it will be very challenging to brush your follicles when your hair is dry. You should consider the use of moisturizers. 

Some of the best moisturizers to consider on your list are; Shea yogurt moisturizer, Blueberry Bliss Leave-In conditioner, Silk buttercream curls quencher and many more. Also, you should consider using natural moisturizers other than artificial moisturizers. You never know the contents and chemicals used in making those artificial hair moisturizers.

However, when buying a moisturizer, you should take note of many things. Moisturisers contain ingredients or chemicals which are either humectant or occlusive. For the occlusive, they prevent the skin from losing water. On the other hand, humectant attracts water to the skin.

To train your hair to lie down, you must nourish and feed your scalp. There are very many moisturizers that are well suited for different types of hair. Make sure to get the best for your hair. If you have a problem finding the best moisturizer, you should consult someone more knowledgeable in making hair waves.

Also, when moisturizing your nappy hair, you must take caution not to over-grease it. If you do, your hair will be oily hence tricky to make hair waves. Moisturizing should be done twice or even once per week. The maximum you can moisturize your nappy hair is three times a week.

Get a Durag

For you to get sound waves out of your nappy hair, you will need a durag. Let us first start by knowing what durag is. A durag is a tool, or scarf used to accelerate the development of waves on your hair. Apart from that, they may also be used as fashion wear.

The Durag will help to keep your nappy hair in position during the night. It does this by locking in the moisture to keep your scalp hydrated. Your waves need to be protected. You know the effort you put in making those waves, especially with your nappy hair. Get a Durag to protect your hair waves.

How to use a durag to get beautiful waves?

You can use a durag to protect, contain your hair during the night, but especially to get beautiful waves. You wonder where to find this accessory? No matter where you live, you’ll have no trouble finding one. For example, buy durags in Australia on websites dedicated to nappy hair accessories. Once you have prepared your hair and purchased your durag, follow these steps to wear it properly:

  • Place the durag on your head: put the center joint on the middle of your head. However, in order to avoid the seam mark to be printed on your hair, put it on the outside. Put the durag a little before your hairline.
  • Cross the strings on the back of your head: start by making sure that the strings of this accessory do not go over your ears, but rather behind them. Pull each string across the back of your head.
  • Cross the strings on the front of your head: bring the strings to the front of each side of your head, and cross them again in the middle of your forehead.
  • Tie a knot in the back of your head: pull the strings back again to make a strong knot that will hold your accessory in place while you sleep.
  • Make sure you have good compression: to do this, pull on the part of your durag that hangs back until you feel good compression.

Another use of the Durag is that it will prevent the breakage of your hair. Always keep you Durag on to achieve maximum results. Durags trains your hair to lay flat on your head and not to grow outwards. There are different ways you can tie the durag to maintain your waves. It will be daunting for first-time users to know how it is tied. 

If you are wondering where to get the Durag, you should visit any beauty shop near you. You will either get it or be directed at the right place to buy the best Durag for your hair.

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Maintain Cleanliness

Your hair waves will only last longer if they are kept clean all the time. Your waves must be washed as a way of maintaining them. However, do not over-do the washing. The reason is, too much washing or shampooing removes essential oils from your hair, leaving it dry. You should at least narrow down your washing cycle to once per week.

Another vital thing to do after washing is to co-wash. This is done by the use of a conditioner. Conditioning your hair helps prevent the essential oils in your hair from being stripped away while removing all the dirt and grime. Remember, these essential oils are the ones making your hair look shiny, smooth, and healthy. Why strip them away when they are crucial? 

The best time to moisturize your hair is immediately after washing. Also, you should consider brushing your hair while in the bathroom. Why is this so? The reason is, after bathing, your hair is still fresh and soft. It will be easier to brush it while it is in this state. Keep your hair waves clean all the time. You will love your hair waves afterward. With or without the hair waves, your hair must be clean.

If you follow the above techniques, it will be easier to get hair waves with nappy hair. Apart from the above techniques, there is another way you can get waves with your nappy hair. We all have and love alternatives. It is good to have alternatives, especially if they will save you on costs and time. Without further ado, let’s look at the other method to get waves with nappy hair.


This method is usually referred to us the elite wave technique. If you do not like keeping your hair long, then this method may not be perfect for you. This technique requires you to abstain from taking haircuts for an extended time. 

During the wolfing period, you will be required to be harder on your brushing. Your hair will be long, so it won’t be challenging to go for a hard brush. Also, you will need to increase your moisturizing regimen. 

Your brushing should penetrate to the top layer of your hair. It should reach new hair growing. The wolfing period is very crucial for making waves with nappy hair. It ensures there is a connection with your waves forming something like a recognizable pattern.

To achieve excellent results, your wolfing period should take a more extended period. It should take a minimum of six weeks.  Your barber will probably disown you for not taking haircuts. Assure him that you are only trying to make hair waves, and you’ll soon have the haircut. It is good to communicate with people on what you are up to.

Once the wolfing period ends, and when you are ready to unleash your waves, visit your barber to get the extra wolf-action removed and cleaned up. Take a picture and show us how handsome or beautiful you look with the hair waves.

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How to Get Waves With Nappy Hair

The cost of beauty is the time and effort you put to achieving your hair waves. Do not be discouraged by your nappy hair. Practice makes perfect. Even if the above techniques don’t work for the first, keep on repeating until you get desirable results. Failures are those who quit too early.