How to Sleep With Short Curly Hair: Our Expert Advice to Keep Curls Intact

Ladies value their hair very much. That is why they always apply a lot of different hair products to it so that it continues to glow and look admirable by others.

How to Sleep with Short Curly Hair

They also use these products so as to make the hair last longer and prevent it from cutting off. The only challenge that comes in to every girl with curls is how to make it stay till tomorrow while still in good shape.

How to sleep with these curls becomes a problem to most ladies as they do not know how to handle them at night.

Well, this article has come to your rescue. You are having a rough time sleeping with these curls? This article is the answer to what you are undergoing.

This article contains 9 good ways how to sleep with your short curly hair depending on their length.

There are a variety of ways in which you can have a good night’s sleep without having to worry about your curls leaving you with dents the following day. You can choose one of these 9 methods to help you have quiet sleep without worrying about damaging your hair.

Apply a Gel (Plop)

This is one of the most well-known method whereby you apply dye to your curls. It helps to prevent your hair from being weighed down by gravitaty. This technique will need you to apply gel to your hair, make it lay on a surface that is flat and then flip it over.

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The flipping over is meant to allow the hair to organize itself on top of itself and into the towel. Make sure to tie the sides of the towel so that it stays secured on the head. The towel is meant to fasten the drying rate and also to ensure that the curls pile up in a nice and gentle manner.

Let Your Hair Lie in a Loose Bun

So as to reduce the frizz, it is always advisable to let the curls sleep in a loose bun. This can be done in the following way; Into the hair apply leave-in conditioner and crunch gel then flip it over and ensure that it is secured into a bun.

The curls should be loose enough so that they are prevented from being too much stretched out. Twist and tuck your bun gently and secure it into a scrunchie so as to prevent it from obtaining dents.

how to sleep with short curly hair

Pineapple (Ponytail Tie)

Pineapple simply means you tie your hair into a ponytail on top of your head using a headband. The ponytail should look like a pineapple. This is the reason why the style is called pineapple. This style prevents your curls from getting crushed while you are still asleep.

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Majority of the ladies with dry hair normally opt for this style because it is simple to perform. To secure the ponytail, use scrunchie or any other fabric that can cover the hair so as to prevent it from denting or breaking.

With this style, ensure to separate your ponytail into two halves such that each half lies on a separate side of your head. Once you wake up in the morning do some quick spritz or curl refresher.

Multi-pineapple for Short Hair

Pineapple style also takes care of those people with short hairs, but this time round it is done in a multiple manner. In this case if your hair is short, you can do two or three ponytails. If it is too short, then you might consider doing satin bonnet.

Therefore, the fact that your hair is too short does not mean that you cannot do pineapple or rather it does not mean that it cannot be protected while you are still asleep. There are styles for every type of hair.

Two Strand Twist for Unbraided Hair

This style is majorly used by people who do not know how to braid. It is a very simple style. You simply need to take a small section of your hair and then divide it into two. After dividing it, twist the two sections around each other starting from the roots up the end of the hair.

This is a very unique way to style your hair during bedtime. This style can be done on both dry and wet hair but then the curls will be tighter if the hair is damp. The importance of this method is that it allows you to get specific portions of your hair and shape them in a manner that will not flatten or disturb you while you are still asleep.

Mini Braids

This is yet another super way of protecting your hair at night. In this case you can choose to do loose braids, French braids or even multiple braids depending on your desire, circumstances, and ability. If you cannot do French braids, you still have an option of doing multiple braids and so on. It gives you a whole range of alternatives within one style.

Braids that are loose will help you to maintain the natural curls of your hair. On the other hand, tighter braids normally increase the crimpness. You simply need to divide your hair into 6 to 8 braids and you are good to go. The essence of this style is that for those people who have loose waves, it will give them tighter curls and for those who have tighter curls then this style will give their hair a considerable amount of stretching.

a smiling woman in sleep/How to Sleep With Short Curly Hair

Satin Pillowcase or Bonnet

When it comes to this style, its main purpose is to reduce the friction on hair. You can use a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet to prevent this friction.

What will happen is that as you are dead asleep the hair will be gliding gently over the pillowcase and this will help to reduce the frizz. The goodness of this method is that it can be used in conjunction with other methods and blend perfectly.

For example, you can decide to do pineapple or even mini braids then sleep on a satin bonnet. This way you would have done double protection to your curls while asleep.

You can even decide to do satin bonnet and satin pillowcase at the same time, doing this will protect that hair that normally slips out of the satin bonnet.

Well, the styles are many, you just need to find one that works for you. Those who do not like the satin pillowcase can even use the satin scurf, it prevents loose hair from getting into your face and also it avoids tangles and knots.

T-shirt Turban

This is yet another method that can effectively be used to secure your curls at night. This method can be used as an alternative to the pineapple method.

In an event where pineapple method gives your hair a ponytail dent or break or rather makes your curls become too loose, you can consider opting for the t-shirt turban.

This method was majorly invented for people with short hair. With this one, your hair will be assured of total security from flattening. You can try out this method, it makes you stay put and feel secure as you sleep without worries anytime of the day.

French braids

This is the 9th and last method of ensuring that your hair is secured as you sleep, but it is not the least.

There is a little bit of a difference between mini braids and the French braids especially when it comes to the end results. When it comes to the French braids, it gives your curls a more stretch at the bottom or rather at the root of the hair as compared to the mini braids.

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Well, it is advisable to always try out these methods so as to find the one that perfectly works for you.

If at all you truly love your curls and hate the damage that is done to them, then you need to sleep with 2 to 3 French braids. This way your hair will be protected from being damaged by the rubbing on the sheets and clothes.

How to Sleep With Short Curly Hair

In conclusion, it goes without doubt that women love their curls and they could go to whatever extent just to make sure they are secured.

Some of these ladies do not know how to protect their curls and it becomes a challenge but then this article has come in handy with 9 best ways to secure your curls while asleep.

how to sleep with short curly hair

These methods include; French braids, t-shirt turban, satin pillowcase or bonnet, mini braids, two-strand twist, pineapple, multi pineapple, loose buns and flop.

These methods can either be used singly or they can be combined and used together.

You can also decide to use these methods with some gels like DevaCurl Supercream (available for a great price here) which is a curl styler that works wonders on your hair.

It is therefore advisable to use these methods to ensure maximum security to your curls while asleep. Your curls deserve better.

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