How to Measure Your Hair Length: 3 Different Methods

Hair length check is a basic requirement for haircare. It is easy to hake cate of short hair than long hair. But do you know how to measure your hair to determine it is long or short?

Hair Length Charts.

In general, people categorize hair as short, medium and long. However, the lengths are relative to every individual. It was, therefore, important to formulate a standardized method of hair length measurement.

There are two major categories of hair length charts you can use. The charts give you an insight into how you can determine the length of your hair.

In the first chart, the hair measurement is in cm or inches. Hair between 5 cm to 15 cm is considered short. Medium hair measures from 15cm to 25cm. Any length between 25cm and 40 cm is long hair. Between 40cn and 55cm, the hair is extra-long. Super-long hair measures from 55cm and above.

There is another chart that can help you visualize the hair just by a mention of it. In this chart, the hair length is measurement is by the part it touches your body.

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In the second chart, we subdivide each hair category into sub-categories.

The short length sub-categorizes into chin length and ear length. These lengths are perfect for bob hairstyles. Most middle-aged and older women prefer these lengths because they are easy to maintain- it is easy to take care of such hair. Most men will not grow their hair beyond ear length.

Medium length hair categorizes into neck length and shoulder length. Neck length is the most popular length among women- It complements many faces. It is easy to maintain and can hold simple up-dos. The neck length falls between the shoulders and the chin. You can wear a bob style with your neck length hair.

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If you want to achieve a ponytail with medium length hair, I recommend you grow it to shoulder length. Shoulder length is so versatile; it will help you achieve many up-do styles. 

Sometimes, the medium category extends to armpit length. The length falls between the shoulders and armpits. Young schoolgirls prefer this length since it is easy to maintain. When many people talk about medium length hair, they are referring to armpit length.

Various people usually omit collarbone length. Maybe it’s because we measure the front instead of on the back. To know that your hair has reached collarbone length, you have to pat your hair sideways and let it rest. Collarbone length hair will touch your collarbone. You can achieve many classic hair up-dos with this length.

How to Measure Your Hair Length

Some women are length chasers when it comes to hair. Any length beyond the armpit is long. Let us look at the different sub-categories of long hair.

Bra strap length falls between the armpit and the position where your bra strap.

Mid-back length is slightly below the bra strap, but not at the waist. It is every girl’s dream of growing their hair to that length.

Waist-length extends to the waist. By this time, you are turning many heads.

Hip length measurement reaches the upper part of the hips.

Tailbone length extends to the butt level

Classic lengths fall slightly below the butt.

Mid-thigh level is any length between the upper thigh and the knee. 

Bu the time you reach the knee length, you will have acquired the tag ‘living Rapunzel.’

Other Rapunzel lengths include the calf-length, ankle-length, floor-length and beyond. (Some people have hair longer than their heights).

However, the longer the hair, the harder it is to maintain. Choose the length that will not hinder you from doing your daily chores.

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Weave Charts

Weaves have different body structures. There are straight wavy and curly. The length of the weave is measured before the hair strands are waved or curled. If you want to achieve a specific length with a wavy or curly weave buy few inches longer- for instance, you want 20 inches length, for a wavy one, buy a weave two inches longer. For a curly one, choose a weave that is about 4 inches than the desired length.

How to Measure Your Hair length

There are many reasons why you would want to measure your hair length. Maybe you are in your hair growth journey, and you want to track your growth progress. There are some methods you can use to track your progress. Here we will look at the three popular methods used to trach hair length progress. However, each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Length Checking Shirts

The growing need for hair length check made one person to come up with a solution. The length checking shirts have calibration at the back. All you need to do is wear the shirt and stretch a few strands of hair to check the length.

The lengths you can measure with the shirt are armpit length (APL), mid-back length (MBL), Bra-strap Length (BSL), and waist-length (WL)

The shirts are readily available in the market. They are also very affordable. 


  • You can accurately track your hair growth
  • It is the simplest method you can use
  • The shirts are readily available in the market.


  • The calibrations are not globally accurate. The calibrations are according to the regional mode of measurement
  • Your body shape will affect the calibrations, hence give a false measurement

NB- wear a shirt that fits you well. Try to maintain the bodyweight until you acquire your desired length. Ant change in body inches will interfere with hair length tracking.

how to measure your hair

Using a Tape Measure

When you want to get the most accurate measurement of your hair, use a tape measure. Use the tape as the scale. With this method, you can detect the slightest change with your hair length.

The secret to accurately measuring hair length is straightening the hair.

Part a small section of your hair sideways and comb the entire head thoroughly.

Place the tip of the measuring tape at the front hairline.

Lead the measuring tape to the back of your head.

Straighten the hair using your hand while it is against the measuring tape. Run your hand through the hair to the hair tip without letting go of the tape.

Hold the tape where you felt the last hair and read the measurements.


  • You get the accurate hair length in inches or centimetres 
  • You can track your growth progress.
  • You can calculate your hair’s average growth rate.
  • You can tell if your hair growth products are yielding results.


  • The method is a little bit complex. You will need the help of a friend to get accurate results.
  • It is a tricky process getting the measurements at the back of your head, especially when your hair is long.

Take comparison Shots.

=his is the easiest method of checking your hair length progress.

You need to take photos of you at different times. Make sure you take the shots at regular intervals, for instance monthly or after every three months.

When you are looking at your hair at the mirror, you may not notice any change, but documenting the length in the form of a photo, it makes it easier to detect the length.

This method is suitable for people who want to embrace the extra-long hairstyles.  

how to measure your hair


  • You keep track of your hair growth progress.
  • It is a simple method; you can take the shots in the form of a selfie.
  • It is easy to document and store the photo. You can print it or store it is a social media gallery to avoid misplacing the photo.
  • You can detect the change in hair volume
  • You can tell when the hair growth products are yielding results.
  • You can take the shots when wearing hairstyles like three-strand braids or twists.
  • You can assess the health of your hair as you can see the texture, luster and pigmentation. If you notice any negative change in the two, you can address the problem,
  • You can understand the areas you need to improve in your hair growth journey, for example, you may be adding length, but your hair is thinning. Therefore you need to incorporate products that will help your hair add volume.


  • The method does not tell the length in the form of inches.
  • You need a lot of time to detect change and hair takes longer to grow.
  • You cannot detect slight length change. The length has to be significant.

Which Hair length is The Best?

There is no standard measure to tell which length is better. Different women look fabulous in various lengths. 

Choose the length that suits your desires and looks best on you. Your hair should look sassy and healthy. As long as you can take care of that length, be free to keep it. Rock your hair the best way you can,

There are various hairstyles for different lengths. Experiment those hairstyles before your hair grows to the next stage.

how to measure your hair


There is no need to sit and wonder how you can measure your hair length. We have listed the three most straightforward methods that there is. You will not need to pay a professional. All you need is to have a hair length chart with you to help you track the progress.

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