How to Get Waves with Thin Hair: 4 Genius Tricks to Make the Waves Last

How to Get Waves with Thin Hair? It seems that nowadays every woman is falling by herself to be seen as trendy with waves.

Apart from this, they also need a type of style that can easily be maintained without much trouble.

Therefore, if handled in the right way, it will leave a woman feeling refreshed and ravishing at the same time. 

So enjoy our guide to how to get waves with thin hair...

How to Get Waves With Thin Hair

The main idea here is to make it as simple as possible while still maintaining your look.

For you to achieve your goal, then you need to have the right tools for the job and products by your side.

That is not enough, you also need to be armed with the right application, and styling techniques as well, for you to achieve the desired look.

how to get waves with thin hair

Since thin hair could either be natural or as a sign of hair that has been damaged already, below are some of the ways that you can get your desired look with your thin hair:

Curly Wand with a Ponytail

Under this technique, all you have to do is to make a ponytail with your hair, then proceed to curl it just above the curled part using a wand for curling hair.

This method makes it very easy for you to keep track of each piece of hair that has been curled, and the ones, which have not been curled.

However, before you curl your strands of hair, it is prudent to spray it with a heat protectant, as it will protect your hair from any damage that might arise. 

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How About an Air Dry?

This is also another creative way for your thin hair, which has been proven to work time and again.

You can knead two knots just above the nape of your neck. Next, is to take a few pins, which you will use to secure them in place. After that wait until they have dried out, then you can twist them into your desired style.

Thereafter, you can apply your favorite product for styling hair, for purposes of enhancing your strands of hair. A wave spray product is best for this task.

The best thing about this technique is that it is inexpensive and a simple way of giving your thin hair the best kind of treatment. 

This is one of the best and most natural methods to use when you’re wondering how to get waves with thin hair!

Applying Flat Iron

Did you know that your flat iron can be used to make waves on your thin hair? It is the fastest and simplest method you can give your hair. 

All you need is a few minutes of your time, sprayer (sea salt), and a straightener for your hair.

Now that you have all the requirements in place, divide your hair into two portions and twist them. Use the flat iron to flatten to get what you want.

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Braided Hairstyle

You can add some classic touches to your thin hair by throwing it neatly on one side.

Besides, you can add a bit of it from the other side, through a backcombing process if you want it to look even better.

You can also add a few decorations to elevate your look. 

a woman lying/How to Get Waves with Thin Hair

This is one of the best methods for how to get waves with thin hair.

Long Bob fashion

This is one of the most classic styles that can endear a woman to the rest. The elegance associated with this kind of hairstyle will elevate the wearer to another level, if worn in the right manner, due to its very sleek and charming appeal.

You can even go-ahead to add a couple of breathtaking waves to this style. If you are the kind that loves straight hair, then this kind of style has plenty of room to play around with your hair.

Glamorous Look

You can add a touch of glamor to your thin hair as well. It is very simple.

All you have to do is to put some additional touches of very beautiful curls on your hair, which will leave it looking fresh, elegant, and shining at the same time, therefore, you are good to go.

This is the kind of style for that special occasion that you have been invited to. 

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Touches of Colors

You can go out of your way to shorten your thin hair, up to medium length level, before adding your favorite color to it.

Leaving you looking very chic and trendy. From blonde colors to shades of blue, pink, and purple, you will be spoilt for choice on what to choose.

However, what will set you apart and give you an elegant look is your creativity with the color of your choice. 

Angled Bob Cut Style

This style has been proven to work for most women. Therefore, the style that you choose is the one that will give you the desired look.

Some angled bob will leave a chiseled impact, making your hair look exceptionally beautiful. This is because it has very sharp but cool edges, with a shorter back, and longer frontal lobes that accentuate your face to what you want.

Bob Hairstyle

A preference for many women, due to its easy look and maintenance. The best thing about this kind of style is that it comes in a variety of styles.

One is not limited to a single style only. You are even at liberty to choose the kind of color that you would like for this kind of style as well.

Fabric Headband

You can creatively and effortlessly use this type of headband to come up with very soft and freshly looking waves on your hair.

After splitting your hair into two equal parts, secure both portions with a headband on top.

Ensure that your hair is flat and has no bumpy areas. The area below the headband should be dampened first using water sprayed from a bottle.

The first portion should be twisted and wrapped using the first hairband behind the ears.

how to get waves with thin hair

Do the same for the other portion too. The next step is to spray the wrapped parts at the back, using the hairspray of your choice.

Do this overnight. When you wake up in the morning, unwrap the headbands, and behold, you shall have your curls firmly in place.

You can then use a texturizing cream to give it a glowing finishing touch.

We hope you’ve found our guide to how to get waves with thin hair helpful.

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