Professional Advice on How to Wear a Wig with Thick Hair

Wigs are the in-thing nowadays for styling one’s hair. They are also a great way of making a statement in regards to your fashion style. It’s not strange to find ladies looking for How to Wear a Wig with Thick Hair.

For those who have thick hair, it could be a great opportunity for altering their style without necessarily changing their hair. 

They also offer much-needed comfort and protection from damage as you go about performing daily chores. A wig will also act as a testing ground for various styles before finally settling for the one you want. 

Wigs have a variety of sizes, prices, including their qualities. They vary from very expensive ones, medium-range ones but are also of quality.

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Lastly, low-quality ones, with the lowest market prices. However, the key determinant in such cases is an individual’s purchasing power. Including a time frame, in which you will be putting on the wig.  

How about Braids? 

Braiding is one way of wearing that wig on your head. It keeps hair safe from any damage and giving a woman ample opportunity for maintaining her hair. will also have much access to her scalp with ease, whenever she feels like cleansing or moisturizing it.

how to wear a wig with thick hair

Hence, leaving her hair looking neat and scalp devoid of any hidden dirt. Thus, to achieve such a feat, all a woman has to do is to ensure that she braids her hair in small sizes. This will ensure her scalp does not develop lumps.  

Cornrows Braids

One of the easiest and most popular way of wearing your thick hair under your weave. The main reason for this is that it leaves the surface flatter as opposed to hair, which has already passed through the braiding process.

how to wear a wig with thick hair

However, its downside is that with this kind of style is that unlike braids, it leaves little space used to access one’s scalp.

Nonetheless, your hair will still be engulfed inside a protective shield of braids. It will also not present any bulkiness.

Hence, all these will be in your favor, and if you want the best then partition your hair along smaller lines, all over your head, while braiding it following the shape of your head or face. 

Twists or simply Flat Twists

This is at times cost-effective and one of the easiest ways of wearing thick hair inside a wig. By being unpopular does not mean it cannot be worn.

Even though they are very easy to braid, they get worn out faster, compared to braids including cornrows. If you do not want any lumps or bumps on your scalp, then make their sizes smaller.  

Wearing your Wig comfortably on Top of Your Thick hair. 

Here, our initial step will include braiding your style, then ensure that it lies flat on top of your scalp.

Before the braiding process, ensure your hair has been partitioned equally into two. The next step is crossing them over one another.

Then use bobby pins, available here on amazon to neatly tie them. 

How to Wrap Braids 

The best way that you can go about this is by dividing your hair into 2 or at times, four equal parts.

However, what will dictate this whole process is how thick it is. Suppose it has been ascertained to be that thick, then you will be required of you to divide it twice vertically into four parts. Then tie them up.  

Step One

If need be, then braid the 2 portions loosely. Begin this braiding process and just in case you are only braiding two portions, then begin this process slightly above your ears. For a neat outcome, then divide it equally into three. 

Thereafter, look for a way on how to overlap those braids along the right, bringing it right in the center of the scalp. Do the same on the left side as well, ensuring all the sides have been firmly held using a hairpin. Do this continuously, ensuring that every part of your scalp has been braided.

After this process has been completed, then tie your new braids with the help of a band, mostly used on hair. Moreover, those braids that are loose, will give your scalp much comfort, and will also be very helpful in preventing the emergence of lumps or bumps due to the braid tightness. 

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Wrapping a strand of new braids hair across the head gives you the chance of wearing already thick hair inside the wig. This process is very easy and all that is required is swinging the strands of the new braids over the crown of your head. Firmly secure them at the nape using a hairpin.

Continue doing the same for the remainder of the sides, and align them towards your face. Do not stop until the braids are firmly pinned on your head. 

Keep your braids as firmly as possible and close to your head as well. Suppose you have four braids in place, then you start at with the braids at the back before moving to the front line, as it offers clarity on what to do next.  

Step 2

Step number two involves majestically putting on the wig. Quite several wigs normally come with caps. Therefore, it rests with upon you, whether to wear the cap or not, if offering protection to your hair is that important.

Another more important purpose of this type of cap is holding the hair, which is thick hair in its place when you wear it. Furthermore, you should also leave some of your hair protruding on the boundaries. It will help to entangle itself with the particular wig when it is being worn, making you look very natural. 

Step 3

Our third step is looking for a way of detangling that specific wig then cutting up its laces if any.

Just in case you are using a front laced wig, then the best way to go about it is cutting off this lace along its hairline with great care, using scissors smaller in size. 

Step 4

Step number four is just about wearing the wig. Since there are already two combs at your disposal, sewn on each side, then you should attach great importance on finding a balance on ways of combing the wig so that it looks neat and firm.

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Use both strapping, which are adjustable and located at the back of that particular wig. Whenever the time for some adjustments arises. Your hairline should also be maintained in its rightful place altogether.

Step 5

The fifth step is how to look for unique overall styling. Besides, when proceeding into the next level, you must ensure each lace is tied firmly in place. This will create an easy time for parting. It is also imperative to make this whole process as natural as possible by applying some little streaks of foundation over the wig.

wigs/How to Wear a Wig with Thick Hair

When wearing a wig, then some things ought to be put into perspective before. Therefore, great importance should be attached to the wig liner, in most cases is made of silk.

The main reason is the protection of your hair against any damage arising from the wig itself. While holding it firmly on your scalp. Before you wear the wig, the first thing to do is to put some moisturizer on your hair before leaving your scalp to get some breath of fresh air, as opposed to leaving it all stuffed up inside the wig.

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By doing this, you are protecting your scalp from heat rashes, bumps, and lumps, which could get itchy and painful from scratching.

Always do it regularly, especially if your hair becomes so dry, or before you retire to bed. One important point to ponder though is that it is not a wise thing to go to bed wearing your wig.

Above all, never wear your weave when your hair is still wet. This is because any wet surface encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, and might lead to serious health problems, which might not be right for you at this juncture. 

How to Wear a Wig with Thick Hair?

how to wear a wig with thick hair

The priority that you should give your hair is cleaning and conditioning it regularly. It will help rid your hair of the chance for any accumulation of any excess oil or dirt, from hiding inside.

It should stay fresh and clean at all times, failure to which your scalp will end up getting dirty. This is what you intend to avoid in the first place.

Since chances are high that the wig will be worn, then in most cases, there will be a likelihood that sweat including moisturizers from sprays to build up inside the scalp, hence, you must find a way of getting rid of them as sooner rather than later for your good.

And if need be, do not let your braids to overstay on your scalp. After some time, you have to undo them before shampooing your hair, while treating it with very deep conditioning, adding some touches of moisturizing as well.

Before giving it a fresh look, with new braids. Such actions will always leave you with tidy and moisturized hair, making it strong and long-lasting.

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