Wild Growth Hair Oil Review: The Ultimate Guide to this Magic Hair Product

Having long and gorgeous natural hair is a dream that leads most people to trying out different means to get it. The ventures often lead to high expenditure that doesn’t yield good results all the time.

In the worse case scenario, some products could leave your worst that it was before. The ordeal is not interesting at all.

In the current market, there are many products meant to enhance your natural hair. For this reason, finding a genuine one that works better for you is a huge mountain to climb.

How will you know what works best without trying everything? Here is the good news- The best hair oil that stunningly conditions your hair without weighing it down is Wild Growth Hair Oil.

This product is one of the exclusive products that increase the volume of your hair and accelerate its growth. It not only makes your hair longer, but also shinier, rejuvenated and thicker. The scalp is not left behind; it becomes moisturized and healthier.

Wild Growth Hair Oil in use

What is Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild growth hair oil is a state of the art product that works wonders. The product has become popular among the lovers of natural hair- thanks to its effectiveness. Most people get the required and expected results from its use.

 For over a decade, the oil has been it circulation and has constantly maintained its packaging and ingredients over the time. It has been the most reliable natural oil for many years.

 This hair oil nourishes both the scalp and the hair. It also acts as a conditioner to soften your hair and make it less brittle. Lack of harmful chemical in Wild growth hair oil makes it perfect. It does not interact negatively to your hair or scalp; hence it causes no damage. 

The natural color and fragrance of the oil makes it more appearing. The product also minimizes time spent on hair stretching and makes the straightening last for a longer period. 

It reduces the amount of time you blow dry your hair, less brow drying means less hair breakage.

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The oil contains time tested ingredients that promote healthy hair growth. It is said to have several health benefits. Some of the ingredients used are coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil, which are plant based ingredients that hydrate your hair. 

wild growth hair oil

Calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin D, phosphorous and chlorine are also present. They promote healthy hair growth. 

The ingredients work together to produce a wild hair growth in a short period of time. Natural oils used to make Wild Growth Hair oil makes it safe to use. For that, almost any person can use it. It is ideal even to those with sensitive scalp.


The product comes in a 4 ounce bottle that has a pointed tip to enhance the application. Using the tip, it will be easier to put some oil on your fingers as you apply on your hair. It is anticipated that a spraying tip could be improvised to make the usage even easier.

The packing of the product is well suited for portability. You can carry the bottle even when travelling since they are small enough to fit into your hand bag. When added to its ease of use and affordability, these makes one of the best hair oil you can ever find. 

How to Use Wild Growth Oil

You don’t have to worry even if you have no expertise in hair care. Wild Growth Oil is one of the hair oils that are so easy to use.

You won’t need to be a hair stylist for you to master how to apply this magic product. Although it is said to work best in younger people, it is still effective on any age bracket.

First things first, the shake before use rule applies here. Shake the bottle, thorough sake. After that, squeeze it to remove 5 to 10 drops of oil.  

Use your fingers to apply the oil into your hair, without forgetting the scalp. Message thoroughly for an even distribution Straighten your hair using a comb immediately after application. Leave it over the night and wash the following morning for the best results.

wild growth hair oil

Application of minimal quantity is recommended to prevent more grease on you’re the hair. You are likely to have a hard time in getting excess hair when shampooing.

Be patient as it is not possible to see results soon after the first application. But soon after, you will like the outcome. The product is not meant to be used on daily basis. Applying at most 3 times a week is good enough.

The texture and quality of hair differs from one person to another. Thus dictates the amount of oil you will use. A finer and thinner hair requires less amount compared to a rough and thicker hair.

Do not use huge amount of it at first. Sparingly use as you check the results after use. Feel your scalp often with your fingers, add a little more oil incase the scalp feels dry.

Heat may interfere with the hair oil. Thus, when you use such methods as blow drying and curl irons after the oil, add more of it.

 As opposed to other oils for hair growth, this product is readily available and easily affordable. You can find it on online stores, precisely Amazon.com for as less as $10. 

Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Work?

A large number of people who have used the product were satisfied with the outcome. Majority of them report a stronger and softer hair within a short time. With continues use, the user witness a noticeably longer, healthier and a more manageable hair.

 Apart from a trivial portion of users to report that there were not able to use the product, probably due to their highly sensitive scalp, most results match the claim of a strong, wild and healthy hair.

wild growth hair oil

The wild growth oil has a maximum effect when used in combination with the wild growth light oil moisturizer. The combination creates a hair growth treatment. The moisturizer helps much when your hair is heavy and sticky from the oil.

The oil is considered to be relatively safe since it is considered to be relatively safe. Having said that, the fact is that there is no product that is 100% free of side effects.

Good to mention that the side effects of this marvelous oil are just a few like scalp irritation and skin rashes. Of course other factors such as hair quality and genetics play a role. 

 Conclusion on Wild Growth Hair Oil

When correctly used and with a lot of patience, wild growth hair oil will make your hair longer and more relaxed. Currently it is the cheapest and most effective hair oil available.

Regardless of the state of your hair- whether you are experiencing hair breakage or not, you can try out the product. You can use the product by itself or with other natural products such as moisturizers.

With everything said and done, the only question that remains is: ‘is the product worth it?’

Given that the product is purely natural, pocket friendly and highly effective, it is apparent that it is good to give it a go and get that long natural hair you dream of.

However, you need to take other measures to maintain a healthy hair such as following a healthy diet.

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