When, Why, and How Often Should You Use Leave in Conditioners?

If you are a person who loves your hair, you will probably go out of your way to maintain it.

How Often Should You Use Leave In Conditioner?

But, many times one finds a lot of hair on his or her comb. And this is with no doubt very annoying. There are a lot of reasons why the hair breaks and using the wrong hair conditioner are one of them.

A hair conditioner is a substance that is used to upgrade the condition of the hair. There are varieties of hair conditioners. But in this article, the emphasis is on the leave-in type of hair conditioner. You’ll understand When, Why, and How Often Should You Use Leave in Conditioners.

how often should you leave in conditioners

What Is a Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a substance applied onto well-cleaned hair. To treat the hair. When applied it is left to be absorbed into hair until the next wash. The difference between the leave-in conditioner and the other regular conditioners can be compared to fats and oils.

Fats represent regular conditioners while the oils represent the leave-in conditioners. Regular conditioner when applied on hair it forms clogs. Moreover, if it is not rinsed properly it will weigh down the hair and leave it greasy.

 These conditioners have a strong moisturizing power that penetrates deeper compared to the regular ones. Leave-in conditioners do not form clogs or build-ups on the hair. Instead, it leaves the hair well-nourished, healthy and shiny.

Why Should You Use Leave-In Conditioner?

Leave-in hair conditioners have a lot of advantages to your hair more than you can imagine. They moisturize dry hair because water is among the ingredients used to manufacture it.

how often should you use leave in conditioner

The conditioner repairs spilled ends and helps in detangling hence preventing hair breakage. The leave-in hair conditioner is a non-rinse type of conditioner. This means all the useful contents remain in your hair.

While using it you do not have to worry about the build-ups. Because, leave-in conditioners are light in weight, they are oily and not fatty like the regular conditioners.

The build-ups make the hair appear dull and greasy. At the end of the day, your hair will be left glossy, healthy and tangle-free.

When Should You Use the Leave-In Conditioner?

Conditioning your hair every day sounds like a great idea to keep your hair healthy and clean right? The truth is conditioning your hair daily, will only do more harm than good.

Remember conditioning comes after the hair is washed. This means you will have to wash your hair daily. Doing this will eventually damage your hair.

To be at the winning end, you must avoid using the leave-in conditioner daily and use it at least once or twice a week. But then again, if your hair is in a bad shape you, can use the leave-in conditioner more frequently until it is full of life.

Once you feel your hair is healthy again, you can know the condition twice a week to allow it to retain more moisture.

How Should You Use the Leave-In Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioners come in different forms and different ingredients are used in their manufacture. Some are in cream, others are in gel form but the majority come in sprays.

So the question of how the leave-in conditioner is used depends on the type of leave-in conditioner one uses. If you go for the leave-in conditioner spray, this is what you have to do. 

Spray onto your hair, after that massage the hair gently and then comb through. If the product that you are using is thicker for example if you have the gel or cream leaving-in conditioner, this is what you have to do.

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Put a small amount of the conditioner onto your hand and apply it through the hair gently using your finger then comb. While doing this you should keep in mind that the volume and the length of your hair will be key to the final look. 

You should not apply a lot of conditioner on your hair if it is small in size and short. Doing this will cost you more. Because a lot of the leave-in conditioner will unnecessarily go to waste.

Then again, you should never apply a small amount of the leave-in conditioner on your full-sized and long hair.

If you do this, you might end up with unhealthy hair because the small applied leave-in conditioner might not be well absorbed into the whole hair. Some places that may be left out might end up falling off.

How Frequently Should You Use the Leave-In Conditioner?

For one to know how frequently he or she is required to use the leave-in conditioner will depend on the hair being worked on.

how often should you leave in conditioners

If your hair is in a bad state, and it looks or feels like it needs more life then you will have to condition it regularly.

Remember it is a non-rinse conditioner and this makes it easier for you to use it daily. Settle with the leave-in conditioner sprays for healthy hair.

If you have healthy hair but you still feel the need to use the leave-in conditioner, then you can use it once in a while. This is because the hair is already healthy and you only need to maintain and improve it by hardly conditioning it.

How Do You Choose the Finest Leave-In Conditioner?

Now that you know when, why, and how the leave-in conditioner works, one more thing that might give you worries could be how to choose the top leave-in conditioner for your hair.

For you to get the finest leave-in conditioner, you must first know which type of hair you have.

This is because there is a different type of leave-in conditioner that is suited for different types of hair. Here are examples of different types of hair and the finest leave-in conditioners that suit them.

Finest Leave-in Conditioner that Suits Oily Hair

 If you have the oily type of hair, then you must go for the less oily leave-in conditioner. We recommend this fabulous Living Proof unisex conditioner available here on Amazon.

This is because if you use the leave-in conditioners that are pumped with loads of oil your hair will have build-ups and appear greasy because of loads of oils. Go for the light leave-in conditioners to achieve a stylish and a free grease look for your oily hair. 

Top Leave-in Conditioner For Dry Hair 

For someone with dry hair, a cream leave-in conditioner is the best to work with. It has a lot of natural oils that will moisturize your dry hair and leave it shiny, hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Check out one of the best rated leave in conditioners here on Amazon. This type of leave-in conditioner will also protect and relieve your dry scalp. It is best for conditioning dry hair.

Finest Leave-in Conditioner For Fine Hair

This type of hair is one of the trickiest ones to deal with. It is neither dry nor oily. If your hair this type of hair avoid using the leave-in cream conditioners.

how often should you use leave in conditioners

Creamy conditioners will add weight on your hair that will cause breakage and leave it greasy. Go for the lightweight leave-in conditioners see here on Amazon.

These conditioners will add the volume of your hair and leave it shiny and healthy at the same time. While conditioning remembers not to use a lot of the oily leave-in conditioner. Doing this will only end up weighing your hair down.

Best Leave-in Conditioner for Damaged Hair

There are so many ways that can severely damage your hair. One of them is the regular use of heating tools.

Recovering from this should not be a problem. Go for the leaving-in conditioners rich in Shea butter and coconut oils that will aid in the repair of your hair.

Find a leave-in conditioner that is also rich in proteins that will repair and strengthen your hair.

We recommend this leave in treatment by It’s a 10, with thousands of glowing reviews here on Amazon.

Leave-in Conditioner for Curly Hair

This type of hair is prone to tangles and dryness. This makes it a sensitive type of hair. If you have this type of hair, embrace the thick creamy leave-in conditioners.

Curled hair needs a lot of moisture and should always remain hydrated. Creamy leave-in conditioners supply the curled hair with the necessary ingredients needed.

The conditioners leave this type of hair soft, hydrated and untangled.

Colored Hair

Maintaining colored hair can also be tricky. To keep your colored hair shiny and lively, you will have to go for a leave-in conditioner that is particularly designed for colored hair.

The conditioner should be color-safe that while maintaining the color of your hair for long.ths types of leave-in will leave you with shiny, tangle-free, and healthy hair.

Lastly including the leave-in conditioners into your hair maintenance routine will work miracles.

Leave-in conditioners are non-rinse types of conditioners. This ensures that your hair is given enough time to absorb the essentials it needs from the conditioners.

For the wig lovers, you can also use leave-in conditioners to help you prevent your natural hair from falling off.

It does not matter what type of hair one has. What matters is do you know when, why, and how frequently you should use the leave-in conditioner.

We hope our guide to how often should you use leave in conditioner has been helpful.

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