How To Take Out a Hair Wrap Without Cutting Your Hair

Hair wraps are stunning and easy way to beautify your hair by winding a ribbon of thread around a braid of hair. This style was popular 1990s, but it is yet to become an old fashion, you can rock one whenever it suits you. Once you have it, it is inevitable to know how to take out a hair wrap without cutting your hair.

A hair wrap style involves various colourful threads wrapped around various locks of hair. Thread wraps are done by expert wrappers. They are common at theme parks or cruise ships.

 Different colours of thread are layered to bring out a strip-like effect. At the end of each thread wrap are fixed beads. When well maintain hair wraps can stay for weeks, and still be simple to remove.

Hair wraps are definite for a boho festival. They are also ideal for incorporating activities such as a birth party craft or unique girl’s night. There are three main types of hair wraps. These include:

  • Simple hair wrap
  • Forward knot hair wrap 
  •  Chinese staircase hair wrap

Having mentioned the three, it is possible that more types may emerge in future. As you know, hairstyle and fashion are dynamic.

Making a Hair Wrap

Hair wraps are made by braiding your hair after which you wrap the threads in colourful threads. It is such a great way to decorate your hair with bright pieces. 

Although the created designs can look detailed, the wrapping process is fun and simple; almost all ages can participate in it. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Young kids can have their hair wraps done by their parents or older siblings.  

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Take your hair to the next level and make a fashion statement with your fabulous hair wrap. To get started, find some thread of your favourite colours. You can shop the threads and all other hair wrapping products on where quality is guaranteed.

Begin the process by cutting several coloured threads that are about 3 times longer than your hair. Braid a section of your hair about the thickness of a pencil. Secure the braid with an elastic band to keep it from mixing with the rest of the hair.

 Next, knot your thread two times around the thread in a clockwise direction then tie it with a knot. After that, continuously alternate threads of different colours until the end. 

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The final step is to secure the thread using a double knot. With that you are good to go; now you have a hair wrap! 

To make your wrap stay for longer, make them tighter. You can wrap two colours of your choice at the same time to bring out appealing stripes. Choose specific themes of colour to inspire special occasion like Halloween and Christmas.

No need to worry incase your hair goes wavy as you wrap it. That just increases the fun and creativity.

Three Simple Steps on How to Take Out a Hair Wrap

A secure wrap last for a minimum period of one week and a maximum of three months. Most people take out a hair wrap when it starts to look scraggly. If you have not mastered the trick on how to take out a hair wrap, it’s a pain to unwrap two different colours. You feel like you will be at it the whole day and night and still won’t even make a dent.

Maybe you have had a hair wrap, and now you are wondering how to remove it without cutting your hair. There is a simple answer to your questions. But wait, don’t cut them off. Of course cutting is simple, but it will leave you with tuft of short hair for a period of time. It’s not interesting at all.

Though it will take some tome, it is possible to take the wrap out without damaging your hair. It is a slow but sure process. Here are three simple steps to remove the hair wrap and leave your lovely hair undamaged.

Step One

 The first and most important thing you have to do is to master the colours of the thread. This is not an easy thing for the colour blind, but let’s assumes you are not one of them. 

On each colour change, locate each knot of the threads. this will make it easier to separately cut each colour and snip off the knots. 

 Small, sharp cuticle scissors are the best to use. Make sure not to cut through any thread wrap or hair that is inside the hair wrap. Carefully unwrap the section that you cut one by one. Do the same to the next section and all others. 

Step Two

The next step is to unravel all the thread at each section. You can begin in either of the section, but starting from the bottom is highly recommended as it makes the whole process much faster 

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In order to remove the wrap, all you need is to snip the ending knot. After that, unwind the embroidery floss. You will realize that the forward knob will be cumbersome to remove. It might require cutting through the knots carefully and delicately until you slide off easily. Do no be in a hurry to do it.

one making another person's hair/how to take out a hair wrap

Step Three. 

We are almost done. The winding up step is to pull out the locks of hair that was wrapped by the threads. Unravel it gently to reduce the chances of tangling your hair. 

There you go; at this you successfully remove the hair wrap without cutting even a strand of your hair. After all, it is not that hard.

That’s how to take out a hair wrap

Having a hair wrap is not the same as wrapping your head with a scarf. It is not a hair extension either.  It is a fun and bolds way to spice up the look of your natural hair. 

how to take out a hair wrap

With Braided strands of your own hair being wrapped with a coloured thread, hair wrap creates a colourful and controlled design to your hair without damaging it.

Elastic rubber bands are preferred for tying the tiny tight braid; it makes it easier for fixing and taking out the hair wraps.

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