How Long Do Tape Extensions Last? Plus Ways to Make Them Last Longer

Hair extensions make it simple to switch up your look for a day or even months. As of late, the popularity of hair extensions has grown with time.

They don’t look bulky, and they’re easy to install, making them the ideal choice for most people, especially those with slender hair.

With good maintenance, tape hair extensions can last for long, and you’ll save money between the times you visit the salon.

How long do tape extensions last?

Maybe, that’s the question in your mind right now. Keep reading to learn more crucial tips about the same.

how long do tape extensions last

To What Extent Do They Last? 

By and large, you can stay with hair extensions for a period of approximately six and eight weeks. After the phase, you should return to the salon and get them retaped to the proper length.

You may utilize a similar set of extensions for a maximum of 3 times before they’re replaced. It implies that every set will regularly last somewhere in the range of 4 and 6 months before you think about buying another set.

Utilizing your extensions for an unusually long time can make them frizz and break. Thus, they would not look natural when wearing them next to your natural hair.

how long do tape extensions last

The time allotment that your hair extensions take is dependent on maintenance techniques and lifestyle.

While careful consideration can assist in lengthening their long-span, improper handling and lack of wash can mean requiring another set sooner.

Ensure you constantly wash your hair appropriately by moisturizing small hair sessions and not the whole head at once.

Wetting the entire head can cause tangles. You should work on any existing tangles carefully to abstain from hauling them out.

Most extensions can stand heat styling, but you should use low heat. That way, you avoid hair tugging; thus, you retain a strong tape bond.

Extensions should be appropriately moisturized with conditioner. You also need frequent meetings with a hairstylist to guarantee your extensions will last for the maximum number of days. 

Factors That Affect Hair Extensions Lifespan

  • Your day by day hair care routine
  • Your individual hair growth
  • The nature of the tape-in hair extensions

1. Daily Hair Care Regimen

Your day by day, routine for hair care can significantly influence the amount of time taken by your hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions can be reused 3 to 4 times, but they remain on your head most of the time. This implies that if the hair isn’t taken care of, the place tape-ins are joined, they’re bound not to last for the intended period.

2. Personal Hair Growth

Utilizing tape-in hair extensions is quite straightforward. You merely ‘tape’ them on your hair utilizing medical-grade adhesive. Extensions are left there for a couple of weeks until the hair grows sufficiently enough. Once extensions start to get noticeable, you lift them, and you repeat the process.

The thing is, the activity of removing and supplanting them, again and again, is harming for tape-ins. If your hair grows faster, you’ll need to change them, “move them up frequently.”

Hence, the more damage they will sustain as time elapses. If your hair develops longer quicker, it presumably implies the tape-ins won’t either last longer. That is in comparison with a person whose hair does not grow fast.

3. Quality of Tape-Ins

Anything that’s of good quality will usually outlast the one that’s of poor quality. If you pick cheaply made and non-Remy extensions, thus, you better not anticipate them to last for long. 

4. Brush Hair Extensions Properly 

Brushing hair appears like such a straightforward and mundane errand, but it’s substantially more detailed than you might think. This is particularly the reality when wearing hair extensions. You should brush them at least two times per day. You should also:

  • Brush your hair before showering since it gets more fragile when wet.
  • When brushing, start from the base up to deter pulling, tangles, and stress
  • Always utilize a hair extension brush

Significance of your Daily Hair Regimen

Besides brushing, there are numerous extra things you should do to lengthen your tape-in hair extensions.

  • Apply premium and proper hair care items
  • Utilize a leave-in conditioner to prevent tangles
  • Shower routinely. Indeed, you can shower or swim with tape-in extensions
  • Don’t roughly scrub the strips when shampooing
  • Don’t condition on your roots but from mid-shaft down
  • Don’t sleep with wet tape in extensions
  • Utilize protectant spray when applying hot iron tools
  • Never utilize hot irons on the tape tabs. 

Touching Up Your Tresses

You don’t need to clean up tape-in extensions, and this is perhaps among the biggest merits. But there are various items that you can do to lengthen their lifespan.

Your hair, however, won’t stop growing. Hence, the longer you have the tape-in extensions, the more the touch-ups.

  • When extensions detach from the roots, reapply tape strips
  • Pretty tape strips day by day.
  • Apply dry shampoo when the pick-me-up sans shower is needed  
How Long Do Tape Extensions Last? Plus Ways to Make Them Last Longer 14

Tips To Prolong Hair Extensions Lifespan 

Probably, tape-in hair extensions are the best thing that took place in the cosmetic sector for long hair lovers.

There’s no longer the discomfort and pain associated with sewing strips on your scalp or the long-term health risks of using toxic glue to fix hair. Think of hair extensions as a durable and strong sticker that’s non toxic.

While the maintenance of tape-in hair extensions is uncommonly simple, the tips below will ensure they stay longer. But hair extensions don’t come without cost.

A considerable amount of cash is invested in buying them, and you must also maintain them. While the extensions may ordinarily last for 5 months, with proper maintenance, they can last for 2 months.

1. Brush Correctly and Regularly

This is more or less essential, isn’t it? The majority of individuals ignore the impact of a simple undertaking, such as brushing their hair.

You need to brush the hair at least two times daily; that’s in the morning and during the night. The kind of hair determines the number of times you brush. But you should always brush it before you take a shower.

After a shower, the hair is always weak, and the mechanical agitation caused by brushing can lead to breakage.

Besides, you ought to consistently guarantee you utilize an extension brush. The suitable bearing of brushing ought to be from the base up and not the opposite.

2. Washing

Tape-in hair extensions withstand the same water amount. You can choose to shower or swim while wearing them without causing harm. But it shouldn’t fill in as a permit to wash them every other time.

A two times per week washing plan is adequate if you genuinely need the hair to last. Utilize a dry cleanser if you believe you have to wash them more frequently.

For individuals with oily hair or who take part in physical exercises that could prompt perspiring from the scalp, the recurrence of washing might be expanded.

Significantly, you don’t scrub the taped areas roughly. Doing so would just slacken the tape and cause hair to appear unkempt.

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3. Sleeping

Your sleeping way is likewise a determinant of the time your hair takes. You ought to brush your hair every time before sleeping. It isn’t unprecedented to wake up with your hair tangled.

But you can forestall by pressing it into a loose braid or ponytail. If the issue continues, you might consider getting pillow covers and bedsheets. These additionally limit tangling when you’re asleep.

4. Styling

You can unreservedly style your extensions, the same as you would do with natural hair. But the same as natural hair, extensions can likewise get damaged.

If you choose to style hair with heating tools, you must apply heat protectants since high temperatures will melt the tapes. Besides, you would need to ordinarily touch-up natural hair since it will keep on growing.

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You would concur that the maintenance of tape-in hair extensions is effortless, and it’s not something you’ve to struggle with. Regardless of whether you treat it like your ordinary hair, you’re guaranteed 4 to 5 weeks of awesomeness.

The span of hair extensions can change from individual to individual and is reliant on some of the various components discussed above. The aforementioned are approaches to ensure that you receive the most from your style, and you’ll wear it for the full of its intended lifetime.

Tape-in extensions are likewise ideal for increasing length and volume of hair, particularly for those with thinning and fine hair.

It will also suit the people who love clip-ins but seeking to make the lifestyle a bit permanent.

Hair extensions also target people with hair loss issues since they slightly stress the hair while giving it a full volume boost. But any person is a suitable candidate. Some of the benefits of hair extensions are that they’re easy and quick to install, and you can merely take 30 minutes.

While hair extensions will need small maintenance, they also last for a couple of weeks, and they don’t have any major side effects. 

We hope you’ve found our guide to how long do tape extensions last helpful!

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