How to Store Hair Extensions: 5 Best Ways

The hair industry has grown over the years and there are now various ways to maintain your natural hair color, length or texture.

One popular beauty trend however is the hair extensions, hair extensions are a great hair accessory as they not only work as a protective hairstyle but also boost the length of your hair. But do you know How to Store Hair Extensions?

How to Store Hair Extensions

Though available for both luxury lovers as well as cost conscious customers, quality extensions may be costly thus important to preserve the quality, smooth and sheen of the hair. To achieve this, it is essential to store and care for the extensions properly. 

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Join in as we go through some of the best ways to store your hair extensions as well as the preparation process before storing the extension. 

Preparing your Hair Extension for Storage

After a long and fruitful day, it is now that time of the day to relax and spend time with your family and friends or even unwind as you watch your favorite TV show. Besides removing your makeup and rocking your favorite pajamas another important step will be removing your hair extensions. 

However, when it comes to hair extensions you might be tempted to place them in an empty drawer or the nearest empty box around. And although storing your hair extensions without preparing them is fast and work for a while.  You might be setting yourself up for another unnecessary purchase as this tangles and reduces the longevity of your extensions. 

To prevent this from happening here are simple but quick preparation processes to ensure you store your extensions in the best shape. 

Secure the Clips

The first and essential step after removing your hair extensions is fastening the clips, lose clips may entangle which subsequently causes damage to the hair extension.

Comb the Hair Extension

Using the Scalpmaster Hair Extension Cushion Paddle Brush, comb your hair from the ends slowly working your way to the roots.

The brush has loops designed to detangle the hair without causing any breakage.  Nevertheless, it is also important to be gentle and gently detangle any knots before brushing to avoid shedding.  

Moisturize the Extensions to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends indicate dry and unhealthy hair and this is no different with extensions. To achieve that picture-perfect look, you need to avoid split ends at all costs and the best way to go about this with hair extensions is by moisturizing the ends. 

With human hair extensions use oils created for the human hair, for synthetic hair extensions use products such as leave-in conditioners created for synthetic extensions. 

Important: Before making a purchase find out the best moisturizing products for your hair extension, using the wrong moisturizer may also damage your hair. 

Now that your hair is moisturized, it is now time to store in a safe and cool place, but first, tie the hair to maintain that perfect look. 

5 Best Ways how to Store Hair Extensions

It is now time to secure those hair extensions, and it would be pointless to prepare your extensions but end up storing them in the wrong places to avoid this dilemma below are the best storage ideas. 

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Use a Storage Box               

Most luxury hair extension brands deliver their hair extensions in boxes, designed to serve as the storage box. When storing the extensions, fold the hair into a circle with the ends close to the middle of the circle. Then carefully place the extensions in the box, cover the box and place it in a secure place away from sunlight, children or pets. 

Use a Hair Extension Hanger

Hair extension hangers are ideal if you use your extensions daily as they not only ease the storage process but also ease the combing process. Hangers are also great for curled hair extensions and also help to save on space.

The hair extension hanger, unlike the storage box, does not need a formula to maintain the pristine nature of the hair. However, avoid storing many extensions on one hanger as this may entangle the hair.

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Use a Skirt Hanger

Nonetheless, if you are on a budget, make use of your ordinary or skirt hangers around the house, like the hair extensions hangers, skirt hangers also allow you to store your hair extension safely and maintain the look and curls on the hair.  

Store in an Extension Carrier

Extension carriers are a safe way to store your hair while traveling, or secure a style before a big event. The extension carrier also allows you to air-dry your hair. 

Use a DIY Storage Box or Drawer

Those boxes lying around your house could serve as great storage for your hair extensions but wait, before placing your hair in the box or that empty drawer you need to prepare the space for your hair.

Remember, you want to maintain the smooth look as well as preserve moisture to prevent those split ends.

Step one: after identifying your empty box or drawer, clean the space and let dry, placing your hair extension in a wet or dump area may cause mold growth in your hair extensions. 

Step two; place a cotton cloth on the bottom of the box or drawer and now you are ready to store your hair. 

After brushing your hair gently place the hair on the cotton fabric and if the box is under direct sunlight, cover the hair extension with another cotton towel. 

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How to Store Hair Extensions

Always ensure your extensions are dry to avoid bacteria growth of foul smell. Additionally, always clean your extension before storage to avoid dirt build up which not only damage the hair but may also affect your health. 

Store away from direct sunlight, direct sunlight bleaches your hair extensions damaging the quality and look of the hair. Always store your hair in a cool and dry place. 

Avoid swimming in salty water as it may damage the extension, salty water dehydrates the hair making it dry, brittle and tangled. The salty water also destroys the color of the hair and causes breakage.

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