How to Sleep With Hair Extensions Comfortably

Are you looking for a way to sleep with your hair extension comfortably at night? Chances are that you are not alone. First, you will note that most women ask this question from time to time. Most women normally choose to buy hair extensions if they do not want a wig and yet, they want their hair to look fuller and thicker. The hair extension will add instant length and volume to your existing hair. This in turn makes them look more beautiful and attractive.

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How to Sleep With Hair Extensions

After looking glamorous the whole day in your new hair extension, should you remove the hair extension? No. You can sleep with your hair extension at night comfortably and have nothing to worry about. At first, you might be worried that it might get damaged. However, you should not get scared anymore. The following are ways on how to sleep with hair extensions comfortably.

Secure Your Hair Extensions in a Braid

One of the best ways to wear your hair extensions at night is by securing them in a braid. You will realize that a braid is a great style as it keeps your hair out of the way. With a braid, you can trust that you will have an easy time when deconstructing them in the morning as you prepare to go to work.

Also, braids prevent your hair extension from being caught either by yourself or by your partner when sleeping on the bed. This way, you can be sure that your hair extensions will remain safe.

Secure Your Hair Extension in a Ponytail

If your hair extension is short, using braids might not be very effective for you. Therefore, you need to secure your hair extension in a ponytail at night. Possibly, you can try to cold your ponytail under itself.

This will go a long way in securing your hair and prevent it from tangling or creating friction against your pillowcase. If you choose to use this method, you should ensure that the hair is not pulled too tight to the extent that you put more pressure on the bonds. In this case, you should consider using a suitable hair band that will not snag or pull your hair.

It is worth noting that turned under ponytail are the most suitable styles for sleeping with hair extensions. This is because they normally restrict the movement of the hair and keep the bond from getting disturbed at night.

Use a Sleeping Cap

You might have seen a sleeping cap in the past. A sleeping cap can also protect your hair extension at night. This is because it prevents the hair from moving. The lesser your hair moves at night, the fewer snarls you will have in the morning.

When buying a sleeping cap, you should try to choose that sleep cap that is made of silk or satin. You should avoid those that are made of cotton. This method works with sew-in extensions, wigs, and keratin bonds as you will not have to wrap your hair around your head. You just need to place it inside the sleep cap when you are going to bed. Also, you can braid your hair and out the sleeping cap before retiring to bed.

Use a Silk Scarf

Having wavy hair in the morning can make you spend more time straightening it to make it look good. If you want to avoid such, you should wrap your hair extension with a silk scarf. It is important to ensure that it is a silk scarf and not a cotton scarf. This is because cotton scarves usually tend to absorb moisture from your hair whenever you are sleeping. Unlike cotton, silk and satin do not absorb this moisture.

As you purpose to use the scarf at night, you should brush your hair well and wrap it around your head and bobby pin it along the way. Brushing your hair gently from the top with a brush can help ensure that it will remain tangle-free. Also, this helps to remove any product that might have built up during the day. Thereafter, you can fold your scarf to make a triangle and wrap it around your head, tying it at the back. 

However, you should sleep with the bobby pins on your hair as this can make you get uncomfortable when sleeping. Therefore, you should bring the edges of the scarf to the top of your head and then tie it there one more time. This can assure you that you will be able to sleep with your hair extensions more comfortably.

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Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillow

You might be tempted to sleep on a cotton pillow while at home. If you have hair extensions, it not advisable for you to use such pillows as they promote breakage and can even absorb moisture from your hair when sleeping. You should instead opt to sleep on a silk or satin pillow at night. Such pillows are softer and easier on your hair. This is because silk is great in preventing frizz.

The smoother the fabric of your pillow, the lesser the friction caused on your hair when sleeping. Your hair will remain smooth and therefore, will be able to maintain the condition of your hair extensions and well as your natural tresses.

Do Not Sleep With a Wet Hair Extension

If you have to sleep with your hair extension, you should ensure that it is not wet at all. Damp or wet hair can be a nightmare for you if you retire to bed with it. This is because it can cause several tangles, knots, and even matting. For instance, if you get rained on as you rush home in the evening, you should blow dry your hair before going to bed. 

Also, if your hair gets wet when bathing, you should blow dry your hair before sleeping. Besides blow drying your hair, you should follow up on this process by brushing it thoroughly. You should brush your hair and ensure that it is dry before retiring to bed.

Apply Overnight Treatment

If you are a hair lover, you know how important it is to use masks and treatments into your weekly hair routine. Therefore, you should apply a hair mask before going to bed. This way, your hair will be left on an intensive overnight treatment which will repair and hydrate your hair. Depending on your hair type, you should do this at least twice a month.

You should find the right treatment for your hair extension. There are many options in the market out there. As you go about searching for the right one, you should choose the right one and perhaps get some advice from your hairstylist. As you apply this conditioner, you should avoid the bonds to not to weaken their hold.

Consider Using Dry Shampoo

As mentioned above your hair should remain dry as you go to bed. This is because your hair is more vulnerable when it is wet. You should avoid excessive shampooing as this can strip your hair off the natural oils. If you want to clean your hair and protect it without necessarily using water and shampoo, you should apply dry shampoo at night. The dry shampoo will be able to absorb any natural oils and even sweat that your hair and scalp might have at night when you are sleeping.

Style and Prep Your Hair for the Morning

If you can style your hair extensions properly, you can be sure that they will not tangle at night. Therefore, you should prep your hair for the hairstyle that you are going to do the next day. For instance, if you have ales curly hair patter such as Brazilian Body Wave, you can consider wrapping your extensions into a beehive.

You should always inspect your hair extension for any knot or tangles before going to bed. This is because the can cause unnecessary strain on your hair. No matter the type of bond that you are using, you should not forget to inspect your hair before going to bed. Finally, style it so that it can look amazing in the morning.

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Massage Your Scalp

How often do you massage your scalp? You might be surprised to note that most people usually neglect their scalps and instead take care of their hair extensions. This might seem to be a good idea but you should massage your scalp too once in a while.

This is more important for hair enthusiasts. It is worth noting that the strength, shine, and length of the hair always starts from a healthy scalp. As you go to bed, you should consider massaging your scalp using TLC. You can massage the roots of your hair as if you are shampooing your hair. This can help you sleep well with your hair extension and also ensure that you have a healthy scalp and a healthy hair extension.

With these ideas in mind, you can be sure that you will be able to sleep and dream better with your hair extension. You do not have to necessarily remove it. You should adhere to the above-mentioned ideas on how to sleep with your hair extensions comfortably at night. These ideas are truly incredible.