The best summer hair care routine

Summer is here, and we can finally get out, and about to fill up on our vitamin D. While the cold and brittle winter days are past, the heat of the summer brings its own challenges for our locks. From the sand, salt, to humidity, your hair comes under attack. It is time to adapt our hair care routine to look the best when we hit the beach.

Wear a hat

Keeping the direct sunlight off your hair is essential to damage. Wearing a hat is the most obvious way of ensuring your hair is protected from the strength of the sun. If you prefer to let those locks flow, then you can always comb in and leave the conditioner in your hair. While conditioner does offer some protection, you are still better off looking for a chic hat or scarf for hair health and your general physical wellbeing.

Use a hair mask

Using a hair mask once a week during the summer months will leave your hair in excellent condition. If you have particularly dry or thick hair, you may want to use a hair mask more regularly. If you come back off holiday and your hair is feeling the effects of the sun and salt, you may want to use a nourishing mask for a few weeks as a pre-shampoo treatment.

While there are many products you can use on the market, there are DIY masks you can use. If you crush up avocados and add some organic olive oil, working it into a paste, you can push this through your hair with your fingers. Leave it in there a while and then shampoo afterwards.

Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Your most significant issue during the summer months will be hydration. Consequently, it is a good idea to switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Alternatively, use your regular shampoo but add a pea-sized amount of hair oil or serum to run through your ends. To avoid frizz, pat dry your hair after washing to ensure your hair continues to look healthy.

Regular hair salon treatments

The easiest way to sort your hair is with regular trips to your hairdresser. The ends of your hair will be most likely impacted by drying and being trimmed to keep you looking your best. However, your salon also has some conditioning treatments that can do wonders to revitalise your hair – and if the condition of your hair is really challenging, these treatments tend to be even more effective.

Quick rinse

When you go on holiday, there are multiple ways that your hair can be damaged. Your hair is under threat when getting into a pool with chlorine or into the sea with salt. Before getting in, dowse your hair in cold water. As your hair can only absorb so much water, the freshwater will limit the chlorine and salt damage. Then, as you get out of the water, rinse your hair thoroughly again.

Once the hair is rinsed, you should smother your hair in a moisturising mask. You should do this whether you swim or not, as UV is as damaging to your hair. You might want to use a sun protection spray on different layers of your hair.

No heat in the heat

With the mixture of humidity and sun damage, your hair has enough to cope with without the use of straighteners. Any heated tool is going to add to your problems. Therefore, you should opt for more natural styling techniques, adding your texture without the use of tongs or straighteners. For instance, sea salt sprays are an excellent way to add texture to your hair.

If you are going full-glam, and the use of curling tongs is essential, make sure you use a heat protection spray before you start styling.


The summer brings a mix of humidity, powerful UV light, heat, salt, and chlorine. This combination of factors can make your hair dry and brittle. All your efforts need to focus on adding moisture to your locks and preventing the absorption of damaging chemicals. With the right mix of treatments and sprays, along with regular visits to your salon, and your summer hair will be perfect.