Fenugreek Oil for Hair Growth; 5 Surprising Effects of Fenugreek oil

Indian Women have used fenugreek oil for hair growth form many decades. It is a secret they have held dearly for their long, healthy, and shiny hair.

Fenugreek Oil for Hair Growth

Indian hair makes hair extensions and wigs. The strength and durability of this hair make it a preference in many human hair manufacturing companies. 

When the secret of fenugreek oil for hair growth leaked, many women, and men, worldwide embraced the use of the oil for their hair.

fenugreek oil for hair growth

Besides benefits to the hair, fenugreek oil has many other uses, making it an important product to purchase.  You can use fenugreek oil in Aromatherapy, diabetes control, acne reduction, kidney protection, breast enlargement, improve digestion, weight loss, massage treatment, and erectile dysfunction. 

What is Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a legume common in India. Hindus have been using this legume for various uses such as spicing food, use it as a healthy drink, make hair masks, and extract oil for various uses. 

Fenugreek is a mucilage-rich herb. It is rich in phytoestrogens, which makes it an effective treatment for hair loss.

The countries that cultivate Fenugreek in large scale are India, Egypt, and Morocco. In India, they call it Methi.

The active ingredients in Fenugreek are mucilage, vitamins, proteins, lipids, trigonelline, saponins, flavonoids, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and silicon.

The antioxidant property of Fenugreek helps to keep your cells healthy. That is why it is gaining popularity in the beauty industry.

However, Fenugreek has some side effects. If you have any kind of sensitivity, consult your doctor before using any fenugreek product.

Fenugreek Oil for Hair Growth

I grew up knowing I have naturally thick and fast-growing hair; what I did not realize is my mother’s effort to use fenugreek masks and oil on my hair. 

When I grew up, my curiosity led me to research on the benefits of fenugreek oil for hair growth, and the findings were amazing and exciting, it cleared the myth that only genetics can give you thick hair. I found out on the following five effects that fenugreek oil will have on your hair.

Fenugreek Oil Will Keep Your Scalp Healthy

The scalp is the home to your hair. For your hair to grow long and strong, it needs to live in a healthy environment.

Many bacteria and fungi affect the scalp in different ways. When the fungi and bacteria multiply to unmanageable levels, the scalp alerts you by developing dandruff. Sometimes it becomes itchy due to infections.

Dandruff is notorious at damaging the hair follicles; This results in retarded hair growth. Fenugreek oil will moisturize the hair follicles, reviving their health. In the end, your hair will grow strong.

Since fenugreek oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it keeps the scalp free from bacteria and other germs. Your hair gets an ample environment to grow.

It Will Trigger Hair Growth

Many reasons make some follicles dormant. When a follicle becomes dormant, the hair strand from that follicle ceases from growing. When you fail to address the condition, more follicles become dormant. It can result in balding, receding hairline, or alopecia.   

To address this issue, you need a product that will revive the hair follicles. Fenugreek oil is a perfect remedy for dormant follicles. 

Sebaceous glands are located just beneath the hair follicle. They produce sebum that gives your hair natural sheen. The sebum strengthens the hair and protects it from damage. 

There are instances when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, making your scalp oily. The oil traps dirt that may lead to infections. Some other times, the sebaceous gland produces too little sebum, making the hair dry and brittle. Fenugreek helps to regulate the production of sebum. When there is a continuous production of enough sebum, there will be no room for infections and hair breakage.

Fenugreek is rich in vitamins and n nutrients necessary for hair growth. Since the oil is light and penetrates deep into the scalp, it feeds the hair roots with the nutrients, hence, speeding the rate of growth. These nutrients also keep the follicles healthy; therefore, the speedy multiplication of hair cells does not wear down the follicles.

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Stops and Reverses hair loss

Dandruff and irritation are the major causes of hair loss. Fenugreek heals follicular problems making the hair strands strong,

Weak hair follicles produce thin hair. Such hair breaks easily, which leads to reduces hair volume. In extreme cases, the follicles stop producing hair. The existing strand is deprived of nutrients and vitamins to keep it strong and vibrant. The hair strand will eventually fall off. The follicle from which the hair strand fell may block after some time. When this process goes on a patch of hair, you will develop alopecia.

 Alopecia is difficult and expensive to heal. However, you can prevent it by addressing the follicle problem before the follicles are blocked completely. Fenugreek revives the follicle by supplying it with the necessary nutrients. The phytoestrogens present in Fenugreek imitates the estrogen produces by our bodies. Estrogen is a hormone that stimulates hair growth. 

fenugreek oil for hair growth

Conditions Your Hair

Lecithin present in Fenugreek acts as a moisturizer. A when you apply fenugreek oil, your scalp and hair strands will be moisturized for an extended period. Moisturized hair is elastic, hence did not break easily. 

The mucilage property in the fenugreek oil helps your hair retain moisture. It also softens your hair, hence, your hair bromes easy to comb. 

Continued use of fenugreek oil will make your hair tangle-free, soft, shiny, and free from frizz. It is easy to maintain moisturized and detangled hair as it does not shed, split, or break. 

Nourishes Your Hair

Fenugreek oil will nourish your hair with potassium. Potassium is a component that prevents your hair from premature greying. Potassium suppresses the element responsible for the greying of hair.

The body provides potassium as hair nourishment. However, certain conditions make our bodies potassium deficient. The hair reflects the effect. It would be stressful for a 25-year-old to have grey hair, especially when they are not genetic. 

Can You Make Fenugreek Oil at Home?

Many hair enthusiasts like me love using DIY products. It ensures that all the products we use on our hair are natural and free from synthetic additives. There are various brands of fenugreek oil in the market. You can mix Fenugreek with other oils.  

There are different methods of making fenugreek oil. We will look at two simple techniques that you can use at home. The methods involve steeping the fenugreek seeds in your preferred oil. There are many oils you can choose from, including olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, and others.

Cold-Infusing Method

In this method, you will need fenugreek seed and organic oil. Follow the steps below to get cold-infused fenugreek oil

  • Place your Fenugreek in a glass jar
  • Cover the seed with the oil. Let the oil be at least 1 inch above the seeds. 
  • Leave the jar sealed at room temperature for about six weeks.
  • Shake the jar once a day without opening the lead. It ensures that the oil steeps evenly.
  • After the six weeks, use a clean cotton cloth to strain the oil. Cheesecloth is the most preferred because it is mesh
  • Store your fenugreek oil in the refrigerator. You can use the oil for up to one month after the steeping process is complete.

Using Slow Cooker Method to Create Fenugreek oil

In this method, you will need the fenugreek seeds and organic oil as ingredients. Follow the steps below to make Fenugreek oil.

  • In a small slow cooker, pour half a cup of fenugreek seeds.
  • Add three and a half cups of an oil of your choice. The way you intend to use the oil determines the choice of th oil to use. If you use it for hair and skin, choose an oil that is compatible with your skin type.
  • Turn on the slow cooker. Set it at ‘low’ and leave it for about 5 hours. 
  • Turn off the slow cooker and strain the oil using a cheesecloth. 
  • Allow the oil to cool. Transfer the oil in a storage bottle and refrigerate. 
  • Ensure you use the oil within one month. Of you made a lot, you can share with a friend and spread the benefits of Fenugreek to others.  
fenugreek oil for hair growth


Fenugreek has many health benefits to our bodies internally and externally.

Fenugreek oil for hair growth helps us grow long, thick, and healthy hair. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of fenugreek oil help our scalp to heal from infections and dandruff.

Fenugreek oil makes our hair manageable by conditioning and moisturizing it. Many moisturizers in the market today have fenugreek oil in their ingredients.

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