Curly Hairstyle Ideas for Teenage & School Girls

| May 11, 2015

Back to School Hairstyles Ideas:

Hairstyles have great importance in order to enhance the beauty of your personality. By making different hairstyles you can get different looks. A cute hairstyle adds loveliness into your personality while an old vintage hairstyle makes you to look like a mature lady & similarly some hairstyles adds life on your face while makes you to look sad. That’s why hair stylists can give every type of look to a model only by changing her hairstyle.

Here, I am going to throw light on the school time’s hairstyles. These ideas are not only perfect for teenage girls but also for school going girls. The girls who want to get the back to school look, they can also go with these hairstyles.

Half Up Pony in Curly Hair:

1 Hairstyles for school girls with curly hair

Try this half up pony into the curly hairs of your school going girl because this hairstyle usually looks very pretty & gives her very cute look!

Short Curly Hair with Side Fringe:

Hairstyles for school girls with curly hair (1)

If you belong from teenage group of girls then you can go with one side fringe hairstyle because fringe flatter on your forehead & gives you a lovely look!

Curly Hair with Bangs:

Hairstyles for school girls with curly hair (2)

Girls can try bangs for going back into their school era! Yes bangs give you the feeling of a school girl!

Curly Hair Ponytail:

Hairstyles for school girls with curly hair (3)

Ponytail also looks very impressive & delightful in curly hairs! Usually school going girls makes ponytail hairstyle because it is easy to made & take only some minutes to done.

Side Swept Braid & Half up-Half down Hairstyles Ideas:

Hairstyles for school girls with curly hair (4)

Check these adorable curly hairstyles! One is half up half down knotted hairstyle while the other is one side braided hairstyle. Both are looking just superb & chic!

Two Ponytails Ideas:

Hairstyles for school girls with curly hair (5)

Two ponytail hairstyle as shown into the above picture is also looking very stunning & sweet. You can also try it if you like it!

Pretty Curly Hairstyle Ideas for Girls:

For more school girl hairstyles inspirations you can check out the following photo gallery!

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