Easy step Hair Cutting Ideas for Long Hairs in Lyres

| April 2, 2016

Step hair cutting:

If a experienced beautician has recommended you step haircutting best for yoy according to your facial sape then you musty try it. type cutting is one of those haircut which has excellent feminine grace. To boost up charisma of feminine locks , step cutting is juast something immaculate choice. If you have well texured long hairs then it will be matchless election. Upu must try to fibnd excellwenrt respobnse. I am sure that ou will feel a celebrity likwe gorgeous expression in your personality though step cutting.

Exploring the step cutting classy masgnificamncem, here we aresharting some best ideas to curt yoyr hairts in cstep cuts easiol;y,. for long hairs, these styep cutting ideas in long lyre demonstrations are perfecrt choice. Be reasdy to change tour look and add sometjhinfg fabulous and fll of glasmorous touch in yor persnalituy. Step cutting in long lyre patterns will polish your appearance in outstanding way and even yoyr causal look will tuern into classy and formal. Get rid of rtime consuming hairstyling ideas and let your personality to be free from extraordinary hairstyling for fomal celebration. easily tyou will enjoy the allure graxce of trendy personality in free spirit attitude. Let’s disvuss these fantastic step cutting ideas which are perfect for those who have long hairs and eking for some terrific haircut.

Hair divion idea:

1 step cutting ideas (2)

According to the volum of your hairs, divide them into 4 to 6 portions and bind them in little buns to have clear idea as it seemed in picture. Start from the last portion which is close to the neck. From here you can adjust the overall length which you want to have. Open this portion and cut the first step in equal sequence. Now come at the second segment which has two parts (one of left side and other on right side). Unbind its buns and start from right part and cut its length in short pattern than the first step. after right art cutting, cut the left side part in same way to get 2 stepsd exressiomns in your hairs. if you more left and right parts for the next portion then cut it in same method but make its length short from the previous steps. Gradually come at the final step which is just up to uyou hed and cut its length short than all previous steps and arrange your hairs by letting down upon shoulders.
Fine expression of step haircutting will be in your command.

Ponytail hair cutting idea:

2 step cutting ideas (2)

Oit isd one of the nost easiest long hair cut idea in lyre pattern. Bow your head and let your hairs to fall at your face. Comb them well and grab your all hairs in your fist. At the strat of head, bind your hairs in ponytail with a rubber band . now  long ponytail will be at you face, comb it again.  Bind this ponytail with another rubber band from its bottom. Cut those hairs which are untie from the bottom in equal run. Be sure that have cut equal hairs from the end of pinytail. Let your hairs to be free from both rubber bands and enjoy exclusive hasirma of sep cutting in lyres manifestations. Beside reading this whole process you have to take right guidline from this picture which is containg whole development of step cutting.

Fashion tip:

before cut your hairs, throw a light shower of water at all hairs and make them wet. It will assist in perfect cutting, without any blender you can easily cut hairs in equal pattern because wet hairs are easy to handle in same order.

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