Effective Tips to Get Rid from Itchy Flaky Scalp

| January 22, 2016

Natural ways & home tips for get rid itchy scalp

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Dandruff is severe problem of winter but fifty percent of twentieth first century people are all the seasons facing this annoying hair fault that cause of many discomforts and especially anxious among public. The commonly known reason of itchy scalp is dryness but here are many other serious issues such as eczema, psoriasis and mainly affected is malassezia that is aggressive of fungi bacteria that emerge in white flaky form and stop the growth of hairs and also dead skin cells on your scalp.
At this effective blog, you will get experimental useful ways to get rid from this itchy scalp that exists due to many diverse reasons. As you know, the commonly overgrowth of yeast like fungus is main virus of flaky scalp so, we need anti-bacterial cure for rapidly get rid hair dandruff. Natural home remedies are really enormous effectual & acceptable for cope this hair trouble. Home cure with natural products can do in massage & paste forms for permanently terminate this cruel hair scalp intricacy.

1.    Pouring oil on hair scalp

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Mainly, dryness of hair root cause of itchy flaky scalp and in the order to deal this problem you should regularly massage with natural oils like tee tree, coconut, olive and almond because rub of finger pads on scalp causes blood flowing and also clears barren pores those create sebum on scalp. Crunchybetty said that coconut is truly effective treatment of dandruff hairs and olive oil has naturally great power of greasy attribute that also God blessed many qualities for cure various diseases.
Gently massage from any accessible natural before shampoo is easiest way to get rid from itchy and except this, if you want feel relax then head massage with slightly hot oil can be prove magic trick for you. This daily basic oil treatment will surely reduce your itchy problem and also develop the growth of hairs.

2.    Natural cures to deal itchy flaky scalp
•    Lemon juice

2 lemon juice for itchy hair treatment

•    Lemon has acidity & antiseptic qualities those are helpful for home remedy of harsh dandruff and its applying method is most simple & easy. Take fresh juice of lemon and thoroughly apply on scalp that can create stir but you should bear it for merely 15 mints then rinse with fresh water.
•    Alternate this swirl process, you can add lemon juice with yogurt & blend it well then apply this mixture on scalp for get rapid result. Repeat this process twice times in a week when you can’t entirely get rid from flaky problem.

•    Baking soda & water

3 baking soda & water paste

•    Baking soda is vital kitchen grocery that used in many baking products but here I am going to share its effectual effect for itchy treatment because it has exfoliation skill that removes dead cells & flow blood circulation.
•    Its using way for hair dandruff is to make thick paste of baking soda & water. Directly apply this on scalp and gently rib with finger pads. After 20 mints rinse with water. If your hair skin exaggeration dry then you should apply olive oil before baking soda.

•    Aloe vera as a moisturizer

4 aloe vera for hair moistourizer

•    Aloe vera is one immortality cactus plant that used for numerous natural cures and most prominently known for skin infections. Before shampoo the hairs, apply aloe vera gel on scalp that will materialize as a smooth moisturizer for itchy skin and also gives additional shine your hairs.

Here are few cares for treat hair problem those will freely perform better result for cure hair itchy problem.
1.    Don’t use hot or lukewarm water for wash hair
2.    Avoid alcohol added shampoo
3.    During shampoo use finger pads for massage instead of nails
4.    Avoid excess of chemical shampoo and wash head twice times in a week
5.    Don’t wrap wet hairs
6.    Regularly comb your hairs
Hope, now, you can quickly get rid from hair itchy flaky trouble by using these natural tips.

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