Emo Girl’s Different Unique Hairstyle Ideas in Stylish Blue Color

| September 26, 2016

A haircut signifies the unique look, hairstyle totally change your face outline and also the looks incredibly if you take it according to trends and your personality. Today the young fashionistas are influenced by some specific fashion idealism that entirely transforms their apparel and view. Emo fashion is one of them, this is the term used to define a special campaign of punk musical group started during 80s.

The fashion became so famous that now a big number of girls and boys are impressed with its detailing. Generally the dressing style, makeup, accessories and most probably the hairstyle define them as Emo and today we have inspiration about the blue color Emo girl’s hairstyles that are cool and chic to have on any occasion.
Normally the Emo is description of people deeply pessimistic, emotional and signify their loneliness from that rushing world. But these days Emo girls are more stylish than deep, they represent themselves emotional and this level presentation through vibrant colors is truly the well inspired way.

One has many pickings of dye colors like pink, purple, red, burgundy, blonde, green and even brunettes are all fit for Emo scene but here we are presenting blue as it soothes out the look and also give a trendy appearance to mod Emo girls. Layer haircut is the true passion of Emo girls but we have a lot more in spite of layer haircut as Emo girls have not restricted themselves to one certain styling. Lets find all these hairstyle ideas given below.

Straight layer haircut with thick bangs:


Long layers of Emo hairstyle with edgy bangs are commonly found the wonderful and mostly loved style by Emo girls. This is the cool hairstyle idea to go out and represent yourself as completely Emo girl but make sure about ironing that it may not ruin your strands with excessive use. Use healthy hair care products and serum before ironing so that the damage chances are less.

Trendy wavy blue Emo hairstyle:


These days the more you have waves in your locks, the more stylish you are. So, going with curls and waves is pretty fine and chic but don’t forget to keep it all Emo rather than a modern lady of this world. Dye your hairs in blue and get the waves whether you have long tresses, short, bob or any layer haircut. Let them style on shoulders and enjoy the every moment of any occasion by having thick and dark Emo makeover.

Short Emo hairstyles are fabulous:


Short hairs are also expressive to show your boldness, sop make a go with short haircuts like pixy and chin length edgy cut bob to rock out the Emo image incredibly. However the choice of blue dye color is must-have to let the hairs all wondrous. Short haircuts are fit for lazy Emo girls who do not wanna spend more hours in styling tough hairstyles.

Double tone blue Emo hairstyles:


We want to guide the Emo girls that plenty of chances they can find to give twist to their hairstyles by giving the tints of double tone of blue hair dye. Whatever your hairstyle is, you can play interest by mixing up blue and blonde effects or the Ombre effects of two blue shades by getting curls or straight to make the locks prominent.

Blue Emo ponytail hairstyles:


Ponytails are even compatible to have for formal and casual appearance too; even the Hollywood celebrities are going with well expressive different style ponytails. So, why not Emo girls can make ponytails in their beautifully dyed blue hairs. You can go with side messy ponytail, fish braid ponytail and long sleek ponytail also.

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