Emo Style Hair Colors and Hairstyles for Girls and Boys

| February 6, 2016

Emo is a type of rebellious persons who want to do something different from other people. They want a prominent place in the society with their hairstyles, dresses and behavior. This style is mostly picking by teen agers .Emo are not only boys rather than girls are also including. Some people consider it that emo is a short form of emotional, may be because when the origin of emo a band has sing an emotional song that made the some people emotional then they become emo .Emos are the killer of themselves and they become the cause of hurt for themselves. They are very far from humanity they have complicate personalities no one can understand them .No element of sensitivity is present in emos. They are over sensitive in negative sense, mostly emos commit suicide with fed up their lives and the easy way of suicide which they select is slitting their wrist. Here we are talking about hairstyles of emo girls and boys.

Different emo boy and girls hairstyles:

Emos are very confident and make everything suitable for them. Emo like bold color for dye their hair. For example yellow, orange, royal blue, pink green, purple and black colors are their favorite colors. Mostly burgundy color is favorite of all emo girls and boys. Many colors same in emo boys and girls’ for instance pink, blue, black, rainbow and orange color. Emo like bangs, knife, heart and spike, razor blade and autumn .Emo hairstyles are just like the fallen leave in the autumn their hairstyles are same like odd leaves. Blue color dye gives a rock star look. Emo people like shaggy hairstyles, girls mostly like straight, bangs, chunky layers end of edges and blunt cut etc.Their hair are very thin if emos have thick hair they can do trim their hairs because bottom is trimly will be best for an emo. All hair colors are good but it is good for you that if you want to apply any color on your hair you should go for a hair expert of emos. Fringe hairstyle is good for pink hairs and it is in trend of emos. Trend of all things are same of both sexes. Just different makeup can differentiate between boys and girls because emo boys want to become girl and emo girl want to become boys therefore their hairstyles and colors are same. Mostly emos copy the instrument of band which impresses them a lot. They become emotional very quickly and can take a wrong path. In the last I want to tell you that emo can confidently dye these five colors but there are many other colors also which you can adopt it is up to you. Most famous hairstyles are bang,shaggy ,spike ,heart style etc. You can follow any hair color and style you like most.

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