Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

| April 14, 2016

 How to pick hairstyles for my face shape

0. Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

Hairstyles are an essential thing because it can change your over all look and with the hairstyle you can bring a big change in your personality. Everyone has different shapes  of face so we should always select these haircuts which  are perfect for our face shape because if you have  round face shape do a tight  pony tail you look like a melon so you should always be  opposite in the matter of shapes and when you are  going to cut your hair then consult to your hairdresser and now a days the fashion of hair dye is much more if you want to highlight your cutting then you can dye your hair according to your complexion and season  if there is  summer season then you should  select  light color rather dark brown chocolate color is evergreen  you can do  this color in every season with  confidently but  keep in your mind your cutting should be according to  your  facial expression. So let us and see which type of haircut is better for your personality.

1.    Round shape faces hairstyle:

1. Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

Asymmetrical   layer center parted hairstyle is best for the round shape because layer is cut in the shape of long style then you can it and for the working ladies who have round faces they can select side swept   short layer   haircut is best and you can make your hairstyle in very less time For the formal look the round face ladies can make graduated bob side parted hairstyle and this hair style is picked by many round faces ladies. You can dye your hair dark brown and ash golden hair dye is looking nice and decent.

2.    Long shape faces hairstyle:

2. Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

For the ladies who have  long faces they can short  shoulder length bob with side parted is looking  gorgeous  with your blonde hair dye.staight layer with front bangs is  for those long faces ladies who   are celebrity and any model and it is up to you which color do you like to dye your long straight hair. Chin length side parted bob is also good for the long faces  ladies and when with these hairstyles they use sunglasses they look very great.

3.    Oval shape faces hairstyle:

3. Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

Oval shape face is such a face which can be go with any hairstyle and sunglasses this shape is considered a best shape than shapes. So the working ladies who have oval shape they can cut their hair in chin length bob and if you are related from any   profession of modeling and   if you are celebrity and have oval face shape then you can make center parted wavy bob cut these two are good for oval otherwise all hair styles are good for oval face shape.

4.    Square shape faces hairstyle:

4. Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

Square shape faces has wide jaws and they should cut their hairstyle in to   bob, layer and step  and they can make  short layer shoulder length hairstyle  with center parted bangs  for those square face ladies who are very social and their mostly time  spends in the public. Short bob side parted hairstyle is for those ladies who are senior and want to cut their hairstyle according to their square face shape.

5.    Diamond shape faces hairstyles:

5. Facial Hair Styles to Make You Look Cool

Diamond shape faces people have broad forehead and deep jaw lines they can prominent their forehead it look nice means if they do a sleek tight pony then you look fabulous .On the parties and wedding ceremonies you can make long layer center parted hairstyle with blow dryer if you have black hair then you have no need to dye it but if you want to go hair dye then you can go with golden color with lose wavy curl for the formal look and fancy appearance.

Final note:

Hairstyles  are many more but the selection of  hairstyle is not an easy job for everyone and the   face shapes can be asked by  your  hair dresser because she/he can tell you which cutting can suit on your personality .round shape and oval shape   ladies can use  oversized glasses  heart shape square  and for long faces you can use wayfarer ,cat eye  ,aviators  and round  glasses for  heart and square faces.

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