Hair Color, Highlights & Hair Cuts Ideas for Women According Different Face Shapes

| September 8, 2015

Highlights, Haircut & Haircolor Ideas for Your Face Shape:

In this age of modernism, when knowledge is spreading like fire among common people then how it is never possible for the people to indulge in fashion. Fashion has become one of the most important topics of life.  Almost every person from little kids to old people knows very well what they should wear or what not. They know about different popular brands, fashion designers & boutiques. They know latest styles & designs of clothes, footwear, jewelry etc. similarly, now days, these boys & girls are also becoming very much conscious about the latest & trendy haircuts, highlights, lowlights, hair colors etc.

As we are very well aware from the fact that hairs play vital role in order to change the look of a person so hair cut or hair color should be selected very carefully by keeping your skin tone & face shape into the mind.  Today, I am going to share some tips with you. Hopefully, these tips will help you to choose best hair color & haircut according to your face shape. Let’s read the following points!

1)    You can ask from your stylist for best advice & suggestion.
2)    Determine your face shape &skin tone by looking into the mirror.
3)    Dark skin tone ladies can choose dark bright colors such as dark maroon, black, honey color etc.
4)    The ladies or girls who have diamond face shape can go with highlights.
5)    Oval is considered an ideal shape because any haircolor can look attention grabbing. You can choose colors such as bold red or copper but avoid hair cut that accentuates the length o you face.
6)    For oblong face shape the hair Cut and color is also best option. Try Long Layers & Bangs haircut!
7)    On Triangular face shape short haircut suits best & you can go for highlights. Colorful the fringe part of hair or hair near temples.
8)    The women & girls with circular face can go with highlights on the top of your forehead. Choose darker color & apply near cheeks & jaw line. Try to get go asymmetry or side-swept bangs hairs cut or try to create side part hairstyle. You can also try the choppy or layered hair cut. But keep in mind that you need to avoid chin-length hair cuts, rounded bangs or center parted hairstyles because these can make your round face more.
9)    Square faces women shape can go with highlights and lowlights! A hair cut that makes your face look longer such as a haircut below the jaw line should be avoid or a haircut that is ends near jaw line because it will make your face to look squarer.
10)    Heart shape women can choose darker color for dying their hair from temples and forehead & light hair colors for dying hair from chin area to downward. The chin-length layers is best hair cut idea while you need to avoid boyish haircuts & heavy bangs.

You can take inspiration from the picture of the celebrity who has exactly the same face as you. Oval face can be balanced with layers. Highlights colors can be selected with great caution. Go with angles haircut on square & round shape face. Take a picture of yourself & check your new look!

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