Half-up & Triple Braided Hairstyles Ideas for Every Age of Girl

| May 22, 2015

Triple Braided Hairstyles Ideas:

Are you a lover of hairstyles? If yes then today’s assortment of exclusive triple braided half-up hairstyles will surely inspires you. Braided hairstyle always adds a cuteness & loveliness into a girl’s personality. No matter from which age group you belong because this hairstyle is suitable for every age of girl from little to teen, from teen to mature etc.

When braided hairstyle is mixed with half-up half-down hairstyle then it gives you a flattering, trendy & chic look. Let’s have a look some triple half up half down hairstyles ideas that are perfect for spring summer season, school going girls, teenage & little princess girls. Don’t worry, all are easy to make & take very less to be done.

Simple Triple Braid Half Up Hairstyle:

1 Triple braided half up hairstyle for girls (1)

Give yourself & your hairs a dramatic accent from the back side by making simple three braids from each side (left & right) & then joining these braids with a pony as shown into the above picture. The remaining hair should be straightened from hair iron.

Triple Heart Braid Hairstyle:

2 Triple braided half up hairstyle for girls (8)

Try this heart inspired braided hairstyle on the hairs of your little princess. You can make this hairstyle from front side as well as from back side the choice is yours!

Floral Hair Braid:

3 Triple braided half up hairstyle for girls (9)

It’s the time to give a very cute & pretty look to your girl especially when she is getting ready for school party! Don’t worry dear mothers just try this flower triple braided half up hairstyle! It is easy to make. Try & then let me know with your feedback too!

Casual Hairstyle:

4 Triple braided half up hairstyle for girls (11)

Are you belonging from teenage group of girls? If yes then you will surly want something trendy & chic when it comes to hairstyles. Have a look at this braided half up hairstyle with a messy bouffant!

Half-up Braided Hairstyles:

Get more ideas by looking towards following photos!

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