Hollywood Celebrities in Red Carpet Ceremony with Braided Hair

| December 19, 2016

Hair is the half beauty of a lady because on your face it looks so nice black and silky hair is the identity of a lady. Many males like the women due to their charming hair’s beauty and on the hair many poetries and songs are sung. The modern age is going on and the people are becoming so trendy and fashionable they want to look prominent and unique in the gathering of their friends, relatives and family so you should maintain yourself and in the mantaince hairstyle comes first whether you trim it that gives you a good look because hairstyle can change your overall look and so many hairstyle are adopted by the ladies  bun, braid, becumin, puff , twisted ,updo, fishtail ,

messy hair and many other hairstyles which you can make  on the different events and the life of celebrities is  so tough but also luxurious  because all the people like their work  and many girls copy their fashion and want to make a pert of their life  so the Hollywood celebrities who are cute and having blush beauty are in the red carpet ceremony with theur  braided hair so if you want to see then stay with us and see.

Air crushes style braid:

The girls like to go with different hairstyle because it can change their outlook  so the  beautiful lady is in the water fall braid  style is looking so attractive and charming   in the red carpet awards  with her diamond shape face this hairstyle is best for the wedding ceremonies and the many other evening functions  because it look something formal when you use beads and the  stones to make it shiny.

Braided bun:

The cute and attractive eyes lady’s hairstyle is looking awesome in her red frill embellished red halter neckline dress with the fishtail braided hair she is looking nice  the upper hair is messy style and the back two time braid on the bun that is not an easy but look good  ladies can make this hairstyle  on the evening parties and the  bridesmaid also adopt this hair.

Fully back hair braid:

In the simple and gorgeous look you can make the messy  braid  it is very easy but look so nice you can make it at your home or on the formal functions  because for the home it is very easy to move and in the function it give you stylish look on the center of the braid you can use  the brooch or hair pins then it look something sparkling .

Messy fishtail braid:

Messy braid is very trendy now a days because it look so good it make your frenzy  and sleek hair  thick and prominent  the Hollywood celebrity  Eva Longoria  is in the red carpet ceremony   with her  messy fishtail braided hair  and the  glamorous eyes with side parted hair  with the light color dress .

Celina jettley hairstyle:

Celina jettley is the famous celebrity of the Hollywood she is very cute and having  cute smile is looking nice with her short hairstyle messy one-sided  braided and the bangs are on the both sided of your face with the black dress this hairstyle is looking attractive  she is ready for the red carpet event   in your messy braid you can use the  crystal stones for the shiny look.

Long braid:

In your golden shiny hair the long braid is looking fabulous long hair is the blessing of God so if you like to go with the braid then you can make the center parted hair and the golden braid with terraces  in the braid you can use the crystal made headband and  on the end you can use the  rubber band innthe stone embellished and the  rhinestone  clip is also nice choice.

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