Independence Day Hairstyles Chic idea for Pakistani Girls

| August 13, 2016

Well Independence Day is the most important day for any nation, no nation can consider of being a slave nation by any other resources so the day on which they get freedom must be celebrated with ultimate enthusiasm. Pakistan came into being on 14 august 1947 and in every august Pakistani nation celebrates its freedom day with full of energy. Every child, ladies and men try to make this day splendor by getting ready so that the time may fly into their memories.

As far as the girls are concerned, they wear Independence Day clothes and get ready with full of charm so how can they forget to give attention on hairstyle too. Even on this day every lady can show up her glam by making beautiful hairstyle, dressing up accordingly and have the accessories suited to that day. However there are a lot of hairstyles to cherish on this day but Pakistani girls have to keep in mind that Independence Day comes in summer so you must pick up a hairstyle according to summer trends. Don’t worry because we have selected the 10 hairstyles that will make your look just gorgeous and fantastic.

You must condition the hairs in the early morning of Independence Day as it will make the hairs shinier and create the healthy effects. Obviously there are meetings with friends and relatives because this day is celebrated just like the Eid day on which energy and happiness is at its peak. Well the quick tip is that when going out to visit somewhere, you must have sunglasses in your bag that will save you from the sunny rays and also give you more exquisite style statement.

High pony tail for girls:

1+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

If you don’t want to get worried of hot summer season then opt for easy hairstyle that not only handle the all locks wisely but also give you classy style. High ponytails are just wondrous in this regard, lift up all the hairs on top and get closed all hairs in pony. It is most comfortable hairstyle for Independence Day whether for mid length or long hairs.

Back combing with elegancy:

2+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

For mid length hairs the back combing at front of head will look amazing, have a light back comb and let the rest of hairs open. For short forehead girls this hairstyle on Independence Day will create a bump so owning for this hairstyle would be great to deal.

Side braids for Independence Day:

3+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

Braids are cool to try anywhere and in any condition, for girls braids are a great hairstyle to own for even in the last minutes when going somewhere. It is easy and also a well handled hairstyle. Get the side braid in any style, fish tail braid, flower braid and twisted braids are all for you to have on that day.

Get the wavy hairstyle:

4+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

Wavy locks make every impression of girls full of glam as the messy waves give you chance to show up the beauty of your personality. You can easily get the waves with straightner but if you don’t want ironing then have tiny braids of hairs at night and open up next morning, you will find beautiful waves in your hairs.

Front twisted hairstyle:

5+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

These days the Pakistani teen and young girls have more focus on twists, front twists with a lot of variations. You can easily get the twists of front hairs and then it’s up to you to what should do with rest of the hairs, the braid, open locks or half up and down hairstyle.

Messy open hairstyle:

6+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

The easiest hairstyle that will glam up the locks and also your impressions is the open messy hairstyle as you have on daily basis too. But to own for this hairstyle, the blow dry is must-have to not bear up the fluffiness after showering and drying of hairs.

Top hair bun:

7+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

Ok! So there are girls who even want to be fashionista having street style inspired hairstyle on Independence Day and also a number of girls who are sick of bearing the hotness in Pakistan. I have better solution because the top hair bun can cherish the problem of fashion girls and also those who are worried about summer.

Side messy pony tail:

8+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

Messy hairs are trendy locks when you have to make the impressions powerful and tremendous, for Independence Day it will be fantabulous to have messy loose side pony tail to make the great effects with kurta and Capri, you have owned for Independence Day.

Some funky touch in hairstyle:

9+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

Many girls are crazy for that day so they want the hairstyle that quickly get attention of others, boho inspired wavy hairstyle with hair head accessory is so cool. On the other hand you can bind your dupatta on hairs just like the 80s hairstyle trend of Pakistan.

Straight hairstyles are decent:

10+ Hairstyles ideas for Independence Day

Another option is to straighten the locks and be a sober girl with sophisticate impressions. You can have slicked low ponytail and also mid parted open hairs when you will straight the locks on Independence Day. Spray hairs to keep them for a long time and enjoy the every moment of Independence Day with freedom.

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