Side & Back Chignon Hair Styling Ideas with Step by Step Pictures

| December 15, 2015

How I can Make a Chignon Hairstyle on Formal Event as well as casually?

Mostly, women & girls associate fancy clothes with party wear only, embellished footwear for evening wear & similarly they associate some hairstyles with only formal events such as they think that curly hairstyle is only for the formal occasions. But I think they are on a big fault. You should be bold when it comes to a fashion conscious. Don’t associate hairstyles with event only. Well, I think association of clothes & footwear with some special event is right to some extent but in case of hairstyle this rule is not good. So, don’t do this for the next time. Mostly women think that chignon hairstyle is only for evening parties, brides, bridesmaids & extra formal parties but dear it’s the time to make this hairstyle even in casual routine. Yes, you will surely look very impressive when move into a street after making this hairstyle. If you are ready to going on a dinner with friends then once again chignon is the best hairstyle. It is best for office going ladies. Girls & all ages of women can make this hairstyle without considering their age factor because it can suits to every lady. Don’t worry you never need to go into the parlor for making this hairstyle because by learning from this belong you can make this hairstyle simply at home. On this page I am going to share some pictorial tutorials with you. Hopefully, after watching these tutorials you will be able to create this style at home. You can make a chignon hairstyle in different ways. Yes, you can make a side chignon, back chignon, loss chignon, tight chignon & so on. You can make chignon with twisted style as well as by mixing it with braided style. Whether you have curly hair or straight, chignon is for every hair type. It can be made with medium & long hairs but the women who have extra short hairs cannot make this hairstyle. Now you can look towards the following tutorials!

Simple Twisted Chignon at Back with Bouffant:

0 amazing simple chignon hair collection

Braided Chignon Hairstyle Tutorial:

amazing simple chignon hair collection (1)

Step by Step Chignon Hairstyle:

amazing simple chignon hair collection (2)

Side Chignon Step by Step Picture Tutorial:

amazing simple chignon hair collection (3)

Twisted Hair Chignon at the Back:

amazing simple chignon hair collection (4)
Unique Tight & Long Chignon Hairstyle Idea:

amazing simple chignon hair collection (5)

Do it yourself Chignon Hairstyle Idea:

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