Simple Techniques to Cut your Own Layered Hair

| March 11, 2016

0. techniques and ideas to cut your own hair in layers

When I was unaware of the simple way to cut the hair in layers, I considered it the most difficult work to do but my aunt made me learn that how can I cut my own hair flawlessly with no help of anyone and then I decided to make all the users learn, in some easy steps so that you don’t need to spend too much money going to salon. Sometimes there are disasters when you are not informed about the simple techniques of cutting layered hair with yourself. Don’t worry I am here, I will tell you in easy way that can help you get a ravishing haircut because now me and my sister follow this simple method and no one believes it has been cut at home.
First you have to observe whether your hairs are straight or curly, then decide with which step you should go with. Frizzy hairs create mess about handling so before starting any step you should wet your strands or when you take a bath, dry your hair damp. Make yourself clear that how much layers you want, and imagine yourself in the mirror with desired layers. It is also a way to think over the cutting with no mess.
I am going to narrate the simple techniques or ideas to have layered hairs but keep in mind the length of hairs, if you have shoulder cut then don’t overdo with hairs but if the hairs are long then layers can boost well.
Some easy steps:

?    Put up all your hair in front of face and comb it in reversing manner rightly.
?    When all the hairs are combed take an elastic hair band to collect all the hairs in it.
?    After doing this once again comb your rest of the hair to make them straight.
?    Pick up the hairs with fingers of your hands and let it move downward.
?    Stop the fingers when 2-3 inches are there and get this point decided.
?    Make that hair point clear and lift up your scissors to cut the hairs.
?    Make sure about your scissors that it is sharp or not because some usual scissors in house are not so sharp to cut the hairs beautifully, so pick up one that can make the work admiring.
?    Now cut the hairs that are in your hands and free them out.
?    Open your hair band and push all the hairs back.
?    Comb it correctly and have your own layered hairs that have cut down amazingly.
1 techniques and ideas to cut your own hair in layers
Only this way can elevate you beautiful layers but to make the rough layers clear you may give the proper shape after following these steps.


Always try this process in front of the mirror so that you can see all the steps correctly and there are no chance of any mistake.

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