Some Tips that You Should Remember for Keeping Your Hairs Healthy

| October 21, 2015

Superbly Easy Tips on “How to Get Healthy Hair”:

How to Get Healthy Hair with some hair tips (1)

Hairs are one of great assets that a woman owns. Yes, hair beautifies a lady. Hairs make your personality impressive. Can you imagine going outside with you bald (hairless) head? Of course you will not because without hairs you may look gauche or odd.  So, take care of your hairs. For this purpose you need to keep some important tips into your mind so that you can get healthy hairs day by day. Let’s take a look!

1)    Try to wash hair two or three days in a week. Not to wash hair on daily basis because it can dry your hair. Similarly don’t follow a long period of time for washing hairs because dirt & dust can make you feel itchy.
2)    Don’t starts to blow dry your hair soon after taking bath because after washing your hair become very fragile & blow dry can directly effect on wet hairs & damage the hairs.


Healthy Hair
3)    Try to keep your combing brushes clean. Wash in warm water & after one or two weeks.  Use your own hair brush.
4)    Massaging your hair scalps with good oil can makes hairs healthy.

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5)    You can use different homemade hair masks such as egg yolk & olive oil mask, simple one beat egg is also best for hairs, use vinegar for adding shine or you can use plain yogurt for healthy hairs. You can use yogurt & oil mixtures before 2 hours of washing hairs. When you use homemade hair masks then apply these on hair for about half an hour & then wash hairs. But you need almost two hours for making mask, applying on hairs, & then washing hairs. So, manager time carefully.
6)    These tips needs time to show results. So, be patience. These tips are not harmful for hairs.

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7)    Try to use the same brand Shampoo & Conditioner for your hairs. But choose a shampoo according your hair type. There are different hair types such as thick, thin, oily, dry etc. so, choose appropriate product for your hair type.
8)    Always use silk or Satin Pillow Covers instead of cotton pillows.
How to Get Healthy Hair with some hair tips (2)
Hopefully, you will remember these points if you seriously want healthy hairs.

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