Taking Care Of Hairs After Straightening And Rebounding

| May 5, 2017

Hair straightening is considered as very much common hair service. Hair care trends involve hair straightening of hair which can add glaze and soften hair texture. There is completely other type of routine for care of hair which is slightly different from normal hair care routine.

Salon also comes up with hair care routine for girls. But there is a fact that some of varied type of chemical was applied to your hairs and after some time, when you walk out of salon, you will have shiny glazing and soft hair.

One thing should be kept in mind that it’s not a fairy tale, once you get your hair straightened; you have to give immense time and care to them. There is still some story left for hair straightened fairy tale. We have noticed that some people get things applied on their hairs without even knowing effects.

As you know that excess of everything is bad. This hair care routine which we are going to mention out will be balanced in all things.

 Hair care routine for freshly straightened hairs:

1)    Avoid sweat and hot water to come in contact with your hairs.
2)    Try not to tuck or hide your hair strands behind your hairs.
3)    Hair tying should be strictly avoided. Not even a rubber band, or pony tie or clutch.
4)    Sleep on satin and cozy pillow. This routine should be applied for long run routne.
5)    You should start using shower caps as you have to avoid contact of water with your hairs.

Hair care routine after 3 days of hair straightening:

1)    Now you can wet your hairs. But you have to utilize mild shampoo and conditioners. Avoid chemically loaded products.
2)    Use shampoo and conditioners which are meant to be created for straight hair only.
3)    Avoid hot and even warm water. This will immediately take away all moisture from your hairs.
4)    Use a wide toothed comb to separate your hair strands from one another.
5)    Use hair serum regularly. It will help you heal your hairs.
6)    Use hair masks after every 15 days. it will help your hairs to grow and make your hair retained for loner time.

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