The best Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

| November 11, 2015

Curly hair is a blessing in sometime and for who don’t like is surely a curse. Curly hair are not blessed with the natural oil called Sebum in the scalp because of the strong turns of follicles while the Sebum is naturally appears in straight hair. It’s tough to maintain your curly locks but not impossible. Generally the curly hair are dry that’s why difficult to detangle and as a result breakage and splits. If you have a proper care routine of your curls then it looks beautiful because curly hair are always in fashion don’t be unhappy with blessed curly locks you can make their look better than you have. Most important thing is to get rid of the frizz commonly this type of hair has that’s why hair stylists and pros recommend the deep conditioning of curly hair in a week or must in a month. There are many ways to take care of your curls by following some care hacks that can help you in maintenance of your hair to make them more beautiful.
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?    Don’t use harsh chemical shampoos and conditioner deadly harmful for your locks.
?    Avoid silicon and sulfate products that will burn your naturally beautiful follicles.
?    Use wide tooth comb and most probably brush to detangle the stubborn locks but don’t go harsh to comb the dry hair.
?    Use a best quality cleanser for hair instead of harsh chemical shampoo.
?    Daily shampooing can lead your curly locks to the dryness and dandruff.
?    Condition your outer hair but don’t go the scalp.
?    To keep the scalp moisture use moisturizing products that suits your hair well.
?    Deep conditioning is fit to care curly hair.
?    Always massage the hair with oil like olive, coconut and other oils.
?    Natural home mask can provide nutrients to locks to keep them healthy. Egg white and olive oil mixture is best for hair care.
?    Comb wet hair because dry curly hair have breakage problem
?    Avoid heating methods to style your hair.

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