Top 15 Ponytails, Braided, Straight & Curly Hairstyle Ideas for Girls

| June 26, 2015

2015 Most Famous Casual & Formal Hairstyles for Girls:

In 2015, there are lots of hairstyles that are getting popularity among the fashion addict girls. You can find simple hairstyle for casual street style while extra gorgeous hairstyle for formal parties & events. You can find curly, sleek, braided, updo, ponytail, puff, chic, traditional, vintage & lots of other hairstyle. No matter, whether you have short hair, shoulder length or long hairs because in this age of fashion different skillful hair stylist are offering hairstyles for every length of hair.

But before choosing or selecting any hairstyle you need to keep your age factor & face shape into your mind. Age factor means some hairstyles looks nice only young & teenage girls while some hairstyle gives graceful looks to the mature & over 40’s ladies. Imagine if a old lady make a hairstyle that can go best only with a teenage girls personality, then this old lady will look very funny & gauche. So, I think teenage girls, mature ladies & old women all should choose a hairstyle by keeping their age into the mind.

Hairstyle & face shape are also closely related with each other. For example you have full round shape then a tight updo or a tight ponytail can make your face to look more round. In this case you should choose a hairstyle that can convert your round look face into long shape such as center parted or side parted curly or straight hairs on left & right shoulder. This will reduce the roundness of your face.

Here I bring some very cute, chic, modish & girly hairstyles that are perfect for teenage girls or women whose age ranges from 16 to 26 (also 28 or 30). I include top 15 ideas. The name of each hairstyle & picture is given below. Have a look & choose your favorite one.

Puff Ponytail:

0 stylish girls hairstyle ideas (1)

Side Parted Shoulder Length Lob Hairstyle:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (1)

French Braid Loose Ponytail:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (2)

Crown & Side Swept Braid:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (3)

Half up Braided Hairstyle:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (4)

Girly High Updo Idea:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (5)

Messy Braid with Flyaway Hairs:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (6)

Braid with Bangs Hairstyle:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (7)

Tousled Hairstyles:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (8)

Fishtail Girly Hairstyle:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (9)

Side Swept Hair Idea:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (10)

Combination of Fishtail & French Braid:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (11)

Stylish Girly 2015 Hairstyle Idea:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (12)

Fringe Hairstyle with Curls:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (13)

Wavy Hairstyle:

stylish girls hairstyle ideas (14)

Every next day of the week you can try a new hairstyle by taking ideas from the pictures which are shown above. I hope you like this post. Do you?

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