Various Ways to Use a Bow Tie in Your Hair

| August 5, 2016

There are many ways to make hairstyle and it is made on the different events with different styles and accessories  because it is not good that we  always  remain to stick with  a same style man like to change in his lifestyle and  his personality style because  “we are born to be changed”. here we are talking about the hairstyles which is  made  by us  like bun ,tail braid , knot and pony all are for the formal ,semi formal and the casual routines.

When you are making hairstyle then you should keep in your mind that  which thing we should use in the hair which will make my hairstyle stylish and  modern .the girls who are very cognizant  about their hair because they can’t see their hair  break because it is said that the  beauty of a  lady is  hidden in the hair of her .

bow tie  is  a beautiful thing you can use it on the dresses ,shoes , hair accessories and the jewelry  so the girls who are worried about the new hairstyles  and they want that will be easy and much time consuming then they can select the bow tie styles  which are very easy and  want less timing .

Half up and half down hairstyle:

1. how to wear a bow tie in your hair

The girls who are going in any party or want to go in the Christmas party they can make the half up and half down hairstyle it is very easy and spend very less time at least in 5 to 10 minute your hair style is ready on the pony you can use the bow tie for the fancy touch   and these tie can be used according to the color of your dress in reality your hairstyle is looking simple but the bold color bow touch has make your hairstyle complete and beautiful.

Bow tie headband:

2. how to wear a bow tie in your hair

Bow tie is used at many places because with it simple look  our personality become something  impressive and  gorgeous  so  it is not too much expensive you can buy a full packet of all colors which you can use with your all color dresses.  The vintage brides  were used such hair accessories which are embellished with the  bow and the boho girls mostly wear the bow tie  so the  big silk fabric made  bow tie on your headband  is giving that bride  an elegant look on your wavy curly hair this headband is good choice.

Braid hairstyle:

3. how to wear a bow tie in your hair

The girls who have long hair they can make the  braid  because it look gorgeous  for the casual and formal both timing because braid is a decent choice  you can make the French braid and messy braid and many others braid  then at the place of any  catcher or any rubber band you can use the  bow tie to make your hairstyle  impressive  if you are a school going girl then make the simple braid  very easy only in 2 minutes and use the silk bow tie  on your braid.

Baby hairstyle:

4. how to wear a bow tie in your hair

The  bow tie is not  only for the hairs the  kids also can use it in their hair  because it is harmless and never  pain in their  hair  so you can use the  bow tie in  the kids ponytail and baby cut  hairstyle and on the  center parted  short hairstyles it is available in the market n the form of  pins ,ponies and the hair band you can go with anything fancy bow toe is also good for the  functions  because with their fancy dresses   bow tie look so enchanting.

Bun and the knots:

5. how to wear a bow tie in your hair

Now a days the trend of bun and the top knot are increased people  don’t like to leave their hair open in the summer specially girls  keep their hair fouled so if you want to make the bun and the  knot for the  decent look then you can use  the  bow tie at the place if pins and clips. Gather your whole hair and make a sleek and near bun and  use the  jeans  made bow tie It  look so modern  on the hairstyle you can use the  pearl and beads embellished bow tie  also the velvet  bow toe decorated with the  rhinestones and the crystals look perfect for the wedding ceremonies.


In the gallery you can more hairstyles which are embellished with the   bow tie and you can make these hairstyle  in  little time and  you can use it in any color on any time whether it is formal  semi formal and the casual  but make the hair according to the functions otherwise you look odd.

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