Should You Use Hair Colouring at Home Or at a Hair Salon?

When deciding whether to undergo a hair colour change or not, you need to consider several factors. You should first understand how hair colouring works. After that, you can determine if the change is worth your time and money. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

What purpose do you intend to use hair colouring? If you want to lighten blonde hair and give it a lighter blondish tint, then bleaching is likely to be your best option. The reason for this is purely cosmetic: to brighten up blonde or light grey hair, to conceal age spots, to change the colour considered to be more attractive or desirable, or perhaps just to restore the natural colour to its former colour after it’s been bleached or otherwise treated. Bleaching is also a popular method of hair dye removal, although this is rather too complex and technical to ever be considered for use on the head. If bleaching is going to be your only option, do be aware that although it does remove the colour from your hair, it will most likely leave behind a residue that may prove more difficult to remove than the original pigment.

How strong is your hair colouring dye? Sometimes, hair shafts are so thin that the chemical used to colour them can cause damage. Determine how strong your colouring solution is by weighing your hair shafts before applying the solution to them. A stronger bleach usually weighs less than a weaker one; peroxide solutions that weigh more than five grams (a very small amount) per one-inch hair shaft may not be good enough.

How often should you colour your mane? Hair colouring usually takes about 60 seconds to perform, but this can vary depending on the quality of the product you’re using. Test the product by trying it on a small section of your tresses first to see if it works well. It’s especially important to check on a new colour’s effect after you’ve had it a while – a gradual change in colour can be very unnerving and hard to get used to.

Can you use your own hair colouring products on your mane after you’ve had your coloring job? Some hair dye products are specially designed to withstand the heat and chemicals involved in hair colouring – but there are also shampoos designed specifically for use with hair colouring. Using these will ensure that your mane doesn’t develop any unsightly or unhealthy streaks. If you can find a product that can be used alongside your regular shampoo, this can be the best solution for maintaining your beautiful tresses after a hair colouring session.

Does hair colouring cause your hair to become dry and brittle? This is one of the main reasons why some people choose not to go through with the process. The chemicals contained in hair colouring products can weaken the strands and follicles that produce natural hair colour, and cause breakage. Regular trips to a hair salon should be a thing. You can even use automated text reminders so you do not miss your appointment.

A deep conditioning treatment can prevent the dry and brittle hair problem from developing, and allow your locks to maintain their naturally rich beauty for longer.

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