Best Bobby Pins for Hair Ups

Many people experience restless nights because they use the wrong bobby pins to hold their hair. Imagine going to bed with the fear that your scalp might be pierced by a bobby pin. It is even more stressful to deal with hair all over your face while sleeping or during the day working. These are just but a few reasons why you need the best bobby pin to hold your hair in place. However, before you explore some of the best bobby pins written in this article, below are some of the mistakes that people make while using bobby pins.

Wearing Bobby Pins Wrongly

The main mistake people make is wearing bobby pins wrongly. If you wear your bobby pins with its grooves facing upwards, then you’ve been doing it wrongly all along. The grooves on bobby pins are supposed to hold the pins in place. So once they are facing upwards they become useless.

Ignoring Round Coats at the End

The little balls found at the end of bobby pins are there for safety purposes. But a lot of people ignore the balls and use bobby pins which don’t have them. This can damage your hair and even injure your scalp.

Using Wrongly Colored Bobby Pin

The idea behind using bobby pins is to feel the hair held well and not to make them noticeable. It is wiser to pick the correct bobby pin color to match your hair’s color. If you are a blonde then a lighter shaded bobby pin will be great. And if you have dark-brown hair then a black or brown bobby pin will be perfect.

Bobby Pins on Damp Hair

Another mistake that people often make is using bobby pins on wet hair. Doing this only makes your hair dry especially in that particular area the pin is. Always let your hair dry before you pin it up.

Over-Spreading the Bobby Pins

The moment you over-stretch your bobby pins they become useless almost immediately. Bobby pins that easily overspreads lack the required grip. This makes them useless because they can no longer hold your hair in the manner that you want.

Forcing All the Hair into a Bobby Pin

Lastly, another mistake is forcing all of your into a bobby pin. This technique cannot work because it will only result in the hair spreading out of place.

To avoid repeating the same mistakes now and then, here is what you are supposed to do.

  • Be a smart shopper – it is wiser to buy expensive bobby pins rather than wasting your money on cheap ones. Remember cheap is expensive!
  • To achieve an extra hold, always use two bobby pins. This will hold the updo hairstyle in place for as long as you want
  • Always remember to use the bobby pin with the waved side facing down. By doing this you will achieve a better grip on your hair
  • Another trick that will enable you to get a better grip of your hair is by spraying the pins with texturizing, shampoo, or a good hairspray.

But while you are still on it, below are some of the best high-quality bobby pins for hair ups that are safe and easy to use.

1. Super Grip Blonde Bobby Pins

These beautiful blonde bobby pins are perfect for hair ups. They are designed with soft tips. These make them safer to use for they do not hurt your scalp. Super Grip Blonde Bobby Pins are packed in a super reusable tin with a total of 400 pins in it. Each pin is 1.9 inches long. This length makes it a guru in holding the hair up.

  • Matte
  • Reusable tin
  • Once it’s over-spread it can’t go back in place

2. 200 Pieces U Bobby Pins and Clips

This type of booby pins is the best for hair ups because it has all the items you need to achieve that hairstyle. These bobby pins can be worn on all occasions. From business meetings to parties, they are versatile. They can be used by anybody within any age bracket. They are perfectly packed in a plastic box which makes it easy for you to store them properly and safely.

200 Pieces U Bobby Pins and Clip are all made from steel. The 100 piece bobby pins have a length of 5 centimeters each. The U-shaped pins have a length of 6 centimeters each. They come in gold and black colors. It also comes with one bag of black rubber hair bands. One bag consists of 100 pieces of rubber hair band that hold your hair firmly.

  • Versatile
  • Suitable for any age bracket
  • Easy to store
  • The plastic box lacks a latch
  • The rubber band aren’t durable

3. Champagne Blonde Premium Bobby Pins

These beautiful champagne blonde bob pins are specially made for female users. They are perfectly packed in a cute tin. They are easy to store, you won’t worry about misplacing them at all. These Champagne Blonde Premium Bobby Pins have a length that’s about two and a quarter inches long. The tin consists of 300 pieces of these beautiful pins. They are the best for someone who wants her hair firmly held up. They hold the hair up 1000x better than other normal pins. If you have thick hair then these pins were perfectly made for you.

  • Perfect for thick hair
  • 300 pieces
  • Spreads easily

4. Kleravitex 2.75 Inches Jumbo Flat Style Bobby Pins

These bobby pins are the best because they can be used by professionals and at home too. They are flat styled. This makes them perfect for hair ups and rollers as well. Kleravitex Jumbo Pins can hold your hair all day long. They are versatile. You can even use them to hold a bun in place. They are black and each tub has 100 pieces of these strong pins.

  • Rust resistant
  • Perfect length
  • Perfect for curly hair
  • Doesn’t provide a firm upholds

5. Hicare 200 Pieces Bobby Pins

If you are looking for multi-colored bobby pins then these might be the perfect choice. It comes in bronze, black, gold, and brown. They are packed in two boxes. Each box contains 100 pieces. The bobby pins are metallically made but packed in a plastic box. They are shiny and smooth but do not fade easily. They are durable and you will be able to use them for a long time.

Hicarer 200 Pieces Bobby Pins takes care of your scalp. It has smooth small balls at the end which makes sure that you can’t hurt your scalp while on it. The small balls are also responsible for making sure that your hair is not damaged. They are specially made for women and girls who want to hold their hair firmly.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Very efficient
  • Ideal for women and girls only

6. Dofash New Improved 260 Pieces Bobby Pins

These fashionable bobby pins are packed in a beautiful tin with 260 pieces in it. They are the best bobby pins for thick hair. The pins are safe to use because they have small ball ends that ensure your scalp is free from injuries. The ball ends are also responsible for ensuring that the pins do not damage your hair. Dofash New Improved 260 Pieces Bobby Pins are five centimeters long which makes it suitable for holding the hair up and firmly. It is also very easy to use.

  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Fashionable
  • Available in black only

7. Bobby Pin and Clip Magnetic Holder

These magnetic pins are for those people who are tired of dropping pins and need the type that holds properly. These pins are made of a strong magnetic metal which makes it hold your hair perfectly. To prove this throw Bobby Pins and Clips Magnetic Holder into a metallic bowl and you will see that they will immediately hold. The bowl that holds these magnetic pins is around two inches deep. The magnetic pins are around five inches long.

  • Very effective
  • Durable
  • Easy to store
  • Magnetic
  • A little bit exorbitant


Now you know the mistakes that many people make while using bobby pins and how to avoid them. The only thing you need is the best bobby pins which are listed above. But before you call it a wrap, there are two more things you should consider.

  • Your hair color – for you to appear elegant and stylish with an up-done hair, you should consider the color of your hair. This will enable you to pick bobby pins that compliment your hair well
  • Your hair type – the type of hair matters too. There are different types of bobby pins for every hair type. For example, if you have thick hair, go for a pin that holds your hair firmly.