How to Curl Box Braids: A 7-Step Guide and Expert Tips

Do you want your box braids to look curly? This is the best place where you will find the 7 hairstyles for fancy looks you have been searching for.

Additionally, not all box braids can be wavy, so you have to be careful when selecting the braids.

 Please make sure the box braids you have can withstand heat and turns curly when wet before you pay for them. These curly braids are the best since they do not target a specific age group and look good on everyone. Read on to find  how to curl box Braids.

how to curl box braids

1.Curly Box Tree Braids

It is among the 7 hairstyles for fancy looks. First, you have to buy the best curl box braids stated that they could curl then look for a professional hairdresser to guide you on how to curl box braids. The process will involve cleaning your hair and making sure it is dry before using the box braids on it.

To make sure that the hair does not tangle, use a blow dryer, which will also make sure the hair is dehydrated. Tree braids are easy to fix and are available in different colors that will suit all skin tones. Curly box braids require less maintenance. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the cost.

 A child can use one box braids while an adult can use a minimum of 3 box braids depending on the hair volume. The braiding process takes 3 hours at maximum, and since the curly box tree braids are already wavy and kinky, you will not have to use water to place other curls.

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 It will be your chance to admire your fancy looks in the mirror. These braids create a more natural look that most women desire to have. The box braid is used mostly during summer since it helps to protect your skin and hair from direct sunlight.

2. Red and Black Curly Box Braids

The box braids are already curly from the start, which can be seen from the look of it and it makes. The clear box will help you not to worry if they will curl or not. Red and black curl box braid is most preferred for the dark-toned ladies as it blends well with the skin tone.

The red in the braids helps to highlight the dark skin making it look brighter and smooth. Just in case you want to change your ordinally looks to a gorgeous one, then go for red and black curly braids.

Please make sure a professional hairdresser attends to you so that you can learn how to curl box braids and make your look pop out as expected. It would rather be expensive and worthwhile rather than being cheap and ordinary. This is among the 7 hairstyles for a fancy look that does not need hot water to form curls as it is already curly. 

However, the curly box braids also come in black and brown, plain black, maroon, and brown, among other colors that will suit anyone with a different taste. You can also crochet them, which will bring out a fantastic fancy look.

3. Drop Curled

As stated earlier, not all extensions create a curly finish so, read the box carefully before you pay for it. This box braid can be used by children, youths, adults, and the elderly as it looks incredible on all. Additionally, it comes with different color shades to be used by any skin tone.  You will have to clean your hair and have it dried using an electric dryer to make sure that this hairstyle lasts for long.

Three box braids are enough on one head, and since the curls are loose, you will need to use a medium-sized curling iron or use rollers to set your hair. To obtain firm curls, make sure your hair is wet and finally untangle the curled hair using your fingers to add volume. 

Among the 7 hairstyles for a fancy look, Drop curled will keep your eyes glued on the mirror in disbelieve. Use TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 to keep the curls firm and fresh. The curly hairstyle comes in a large volume that will keep you warm during the winter season. A professional hairdresser will be the best person to guide you on how to curl box braids.

how to curl box braids

4. Mini Box Braids with Curls

The box braids make curls that can never disappoint you. Are you there wondering which box braids hairstyle is best for you? This is the best that will make sure that you have a fancy hairstyle look. Additionally, you cannot get it on a silver platter since you will have to confirm on the box before purchase that it is curly. Also, you will have to look for a professional hairdresser so that you can learn how to curl box braids and bring out the best.

The box braids look very neat when straight, but if you need a fancy hairstyle, make sure that you have curls on them. Additionally, to maintain the coils, you need to use flex rod at night to keep the box braids fresh and curly every day. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 helps to keep the curls firm throughout the day.The curly effect of minibox braids makes it among the 7 seven hairstyles with a fancy look.  

The spray dries so fast before you notice it, and everyone can use it to give you a gorgeous look.

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5. Loose Wave

Is your natural hair giving you goosebumps once you think about how to maintain it? You need not worry anymore since the loose wave is here to save you the stress. It is among the 7 hairstyles with a fancy look that give you a feeling you have never felt before.

Do not buy the box braids blindly to avoid taking with you the wrong one. Make sure it can curl before you pay or ask an attendant to help you get a loose wave that can curl. In case you cannot locate that braid you are looking for help from the shop attendant.

Have your hair attended by a professional to obtain the exact look you have desired for a long time. Your hair needs to be cleaned fast so that the loose wave hairstyle can last longer than expected. Uncleaned hair tends to look shaggy after a short time so you must learn how to curl box braids and make them as clean as possible. 

To achieve fresh curls every day, you need to fold sections of the loose weave into Bantu knots overnight. You need to use dove style care extra hold hairspray to hold the curls throughout the day, leaving you with a very stunning look that no one will take off their eyes from you.

6. Faux Box Braid Bob with Curls

This one is amazing as it can be used by older people and anyone else who is comfortable with it. Additionally, it comes in different colors, and in case you don’t want it long, you can compress the curls to make it shorter. 

Faux box braid bob is recommended to mother’s toddlers since it is easy to maintain and will not have to be pulled now and then. Faux box braid bob with curls also goes well with those ladies who love short hair.

Small children want to get in touch with anything that their moms have. As a mother, you do not have to cut your hair to avoid the nagging. These box braids will help you stay at ease and look fancy as you enjoy motherhood. Use the dove style care extra hold hairspray to keep your curls firm through the day. The spray has added advantage, which is leaving your hair with a fresh scent and making it last longer than you expected it. Read on the box containing the braids it must have steps to follow on how to curl box braids.

7. Long and Curly

Maybe you are there, but your hair does not grow as long as you desire it to be. Worry not because the long and curly box braid is here to give you a fancy hairstyle look. The box braid is long enough to provide you with the feeling you have desired of having hair falling off your shoulders.

You will also have to enjoy the curly effect that comes with it changing your looks to a gorgeous being you have ever seen. The curly box braid will help you deal with your esteem issues in case short hair makes you have low self-esteem. To achieve the perfect look, you need a professional hairdresser, make sure your hair is clean and dried using a drier and use the box braids that can curl. In case you have challenges with making curls look for an experienced person who will guide you on how to curl box braids easily and fast.

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Conclusion on How to Curl Box Braids

Discussed above are the 7 best fancy hairstyles using box braids. It does not matter how long your hair is but, all you need is to get the required box braid, get a professional hairdresser, and have your desired fancy hairstyle fixed. 

It is easy and fast to get curly hair that will serve you as long as you need it. The above-discussed hairstyles cannot disappoint you once you get one that suits your skin tone, one that is of your desired length and curls.

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